Businesses cannot survive in the market without installing culture in their product or service. People buy things that are familiar to their lifestyle and the religious values they follow. If you own a business, this is something already known to you.

The question is how to make your product reflect or create harmony with the cultural values of your target customers? Here are some suggestions to make your business a replica of the traditional values of the market you deal in.

Understand their daily routine

The actual culture of people reflects in their daily routine. All the details in day to day life can tell you a lot about how to fix your product to match the needs and intentions of the people.

Find out the following things that people do in their normal routine –

  • Daily activities of people
  • Notice their preference for clothes
  • The time they do prayer,
  • The food they eat
  • Check the emotional quotient (what makes them happy, what makes them angry etc.)
  • How fast they accept new trends of the market etc.

The more you know about the natives of a place, the faster you can understand where your product needs change and improvement.

Give them comfort in what they do already

We all want comfort. The people embrace any idea or thing that helps them continue their life with ease. You have to find out the ways that make your product able to help a community achieve that convenience.

Here is an example –

Japanese people choose to keep a simple interior in their homes. The furniture they use is never fancy because they believe in simplicity. If you are an interior designing multinational company, you should know that your Japanese clients will never want fancy things. The homes of Japan focus on the functionality of things and not on luxury. You can offer space-saving functional furniture ideas, something like that because that will be easy to sell. 

Never change people from their roots. It can be hazardous for the survival of your business. In fact, give them what they are already doing. If a society is not doing anything conservative or negative, you do not need to change them.

Connect while providing a solution to current requirements

You may be dealing with a market where people are very rich and spend a lot of money on buying materialistic luxuries. Suddenly something happened, and they face a financial crisis, now you should offer them a relatable solution.

If you sell financial products and services such as loans you need to hold the nerve of the current situation of society. For instance – this year, the corona pandemic made a huge loss, and people lost their jobs. In such conditions, more than a car loan, people need loans for the unemployed at lower rates.

Every culture depends on change to survive. If currently, an economy is in danger due to chaos, it needs to think of money for survival no matter how spiritual it is. When they are stress about paying their house rent or grocery bills, your quick loans or any related solution can be hugely relieving. If it needs money for a particular purpose, try to be the solution and your business will grow manifold.

Present your product as a bridge of connection with loved ones

Irrespective of geographical boundaries, human beings are common in one thing that is the love of loved ones. The products that help people connect with their friends and family. Can your product do that? If yes, then it is the right direction to move on.

People have an intense desire to offer security to their loved ones. They are almost desperate to accept things that can help them ensure a better life and connection with relatives, family, etc.

A company that sells electronic gadgets can help people connect in many ways –

  • Update the in-car camera with the latest features to help customers know the well-being of their family while traveling.
  • Add the element of absoluteness in the security camera you sell. It should connect to the smartphones of the people and should work during the rainy season. This can help people make sure that their children are safe at home.

When you help establish a good connection between the relations, you can always win a great chance to grow in business. The clients never hesitate to accept something significant for the welfare of their people.

Never create artificial demand that hurts moral values

A business should not be too self-centered, especially when it is trying to become a part of the cultural values. Never make the customers realize that they are incomplete without something. In fact, a better approach is to make the current conditions better.

Example –

If you know that your target customers want to accept environment-friendly products, do not drive them to consume something hazardous for nature. It can backfire and you may get the blame of a profit-oriented institute. Also, government rules can go against you.

You need to walk with the general nature of the residents of a place and then offer them something easy to accept. Humans are always connected to their moral values; if you try to change them, your business may lose goodwill.

Respect the principles that your customers have and inculcate them in the product. If society wants a healthy planet, then go for eco-friendly packaging or something like that.

Do not forget, you can be the wave, but the culture is the ocean, and your existence depends on what believe.


There are many ways through which you can make your product perfect to be adopted by a culture. Just understand the life and life priorities of a society. Usually, businesses try to change the lifestyle of the people by offering something very advanced. But one should not forget that only those things get accepted that relate to the core of a community. You cannot alter the root emotions of people, but yes, you can serve it with a better option or advancement. This lesson can make your business connect with the culture and then earn a profit.

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