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Hire remote developers or engineers is a much time-intensive task than you may be anticipating. Just because the recruiting and hiring process is situated online does not mean the process is going to be any shorter. Indeed, finding skill developers online is actually trickier than in-person recruitment since the interviewing and assessment have to be structured very differently. Recruiting remote developers and engineers will require you to create a job listing online, sort through the applications, shortlist and interview candidates, test their skills, and then make a final decision. You don’t want to run the risk of ending up with a substandard team of developers – that can cost you an unforeseeable amount of time and money later on.

There are firms who situate their expertise and acumen in the princess of recruiting, hiring, and vetting teams of software engineers and developers. They have built and crafted teams of highly skilled and experienced software professionals over a long period of trial and error. After all this, they are at a position where other renowned organizations use the teams built by these firms to hire software developers for their own projects. Andela and Gaper.io are two of such firms that are currently leading in this particular niche. They started recruiting and vetting teams of remote developers and engineers even before the global pandemic introduced others to the concept. Because of this foresight of sorts, they have amalgamated expertise in this area before others.

The following are a few tips drawn from the experiences of firms like Gaper.

Get Assistance

If you are not well-versed with the technical knowledge required of the position you recruiting for, it is a good idea to enlist the help of existing software engineers on your team or of a hiring manager who has had experience with similar candidates. You can easily post job listings on various websites and end up with a barrage of applications. It would then be too time-consuming for you to go through them all. It is ideal to have someone else to share this workload and also look at applications with a keen, technical eye.

Soft Skills

One major oversight that hiring processes are often bedeviled by is neglecting the soft skills of applicants; specifically when it comes to technical work. It is essential to look for qualities like self-discipline, good communication, teamwork, and self-organization. If a person codes well but is incapable of collaborating with their colleagues or cannot maintain a consistent work ethic, your company’s performance and productivity will reflect that.

An individual should also be able to organize their work time in a manner that they get their work done on time but also manage themselves adequately lest they end up with burnout and drag back the entire company’s progress.

For developers, this is rather important because ideally, they should be delivering their work a few days before a deadline to account for any bugs and other changes that could potentially come up. Hiring a mature developer with soft skills will already know the significance of this.

Freelance Developers

Hiring programmers from freelancing platforms have the advantage of letting you know how a candidate performed for previous clients and what kind of projects they have done. This approach is viable when you don’t want to recruit full-time developers.

Vetted Software Developers and Teams

As mentioned before, companies like Gaper, Andela, and Trio have now created an opportunity in the tech market to hire full-time teams or individuals through them, a third party company. These companies have already gone through the long and tiring process of recruiting, hiring, appraising, and vetting developers that have expertise in a diverse range of programming languages.

Because these companies regularly provide engineering talent to other firms, they are always ready to cater to a demand for programmers. Some of these firms also take care of local tax regulations for you depending on where they have hired an individual from. You as their client do not have to worry about compliance or other such issues.

This approach also relieves you of the burden to manage remote teams, something that even experienced managers find hard to do efficiently.

Work Through Differences

Hiring remote developers means that you will very likely be working with people who are located in different time zones of the world, speak different languages, and have a different remote work ethic. You and your team should be prepared and open to acknowledging and working around these differences if teamwork and productivity are to be maintained. Efficient remote work setups that make use of appropriate digital tools make collaboration and teamwork remarkably easy.

For example, teams at Gaper make use of Notion that helps remote and in-office team members be aware of their monthly, weekly, or daily tasks. They can also upload files or links for their managers to check finished work from. Everyone can see others’ deadlines which in turn contributes to better accountability and productivity.

In conclusion, how you choose to hire remote developers and engineering teams depends on the kind of project you are hiring for and the time and financial constraints on your end. While it is compelling to do everything on your own, it should not be forgotten that a lot of time-efficient solutions now exist online. Tasks that previously took up a company’s time, human and financial resources can now be done by other reliable third parties while you still get to decide how much control you have over each step of the process.

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