When the thought of weed comes to mind, the first instinct that comes is buying the end product online. With restrictions and regulations, the thought of growing weed in your garden or inside your home seems impossible. Well, now you needn’t worry!

Weed can be grown at home, and it’s easier than you think to get the seeds. But you must be wondering,”Why grow when i can just buy the masrijuana anytime i want?”

The answer to that is, developing to your taste. You have had your pots, and being a connoisseur, you have gotten your subtleties and preferences. So dive ahead to see how to grow weeds from seeds. Follow these small steps to get your marijuana farming started.

A place to cultivate your Cannabis

It is not as broad of a category as it sounds. You are only deciding whether to grow them inside or outside. Outside has perks less attention from you, can be very big in yield but takes more time to grow, inside strains require more attention are smaller in size but cultivate in two to three months.

 Picking your strain of Cannabis

 The strain you pick is a big determent and if you need to grow it inside or outside.


Airflow is crucial for the growth and avoidance of nuisances that may come along the way. If the airflow is not favorable, the yield may end up with molds, inhibit their growth, or even worse, attract pests.


Cannabis strains are very nutrient-dependent species of flora. They rely less on sunlight but vastly on nutrients. And not only that, during different stages of their lifecycle, they require nutrients in different ratios to become an excellent yield.


They might not see sunlight as much as other species of fauna. They do, however, require some quantity of it. For indoor farmers, they have different applications, and you can keep them under the sunlight 24/7, which makes them grow fast compared to all of Cannabis.

Choosing the growth medium

There is more than one way to grow your Cannabis. Hydroponics and aquaponics are two other mediums that act as a growth medium for Cannabis. All that matters in cultivation is the supply of nutrients from roots to the body, and you needn’t worry if it’s not through the soil. If you are worried about dirtying your hands with soil, the alternatives might be much better.

Growth phase

 Now that you have gotten the basics covered, you are a few steps away from taking out weeds from your seeds. Your Cannabis is ready to go through stages and become hardened TCH(or CBD) rich buds. It grows through five different stages





Drying and curing buds


After the last stage, you’ll have hardened dry marijuana, ready to be used. And this should answer the question of how to grow weed from the seeds.

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