Visa for subordinate work

Entry into UK for work reasons takes place within the quotas determined by the “flow decrees”, or by the decrees with which the Government, theoretically by November 30 of each year, should establish the maximum number of workers (subordinates, self-employed and seasonal workers) admitted to enter Italy to carry out work in the following year.

It was said “theoretically” because in reality the issue of the flows decree is a simple faculty for the Government, which can also provide, as often happens, on a transitional basis, using the criteria of the last decree adopted.

Entry into Italy for work is allowed only following the worker’s application for employment presented by an employer already present in the national territory, and presupposes, on the other hand, the absence of the worker from the national territory itself.

Recruitment can take place by numerical start-up – a rare hypothesis in practice, except in seasonal work – or by nominative call.

The first hypothesis provides for the holding, by the UK consular authorities in the countries of emigration, of special placement lists, divided into permanent, fixed-term and seasonal workers.

Within these lists, the employer can draw both with a numerical call (i.e. indicating only the number of workers required), and by nominative call, which can also be made in favor of workers not on the list.

Before submitting the application for employment, the employer must check, at the competent employment center, that there is no availability of a worker already present on the national territory to occupy this job. for more information you can click here

Once this verification has been completed, the employer can submit the application for employment electronically.

The application must contain:

  • The identification data of the employer, including his tax and social security position;
  • the identification data of the worker (in case of a nominative request);
  • the remuneration and insurance treatment offered to the worker, in any case not lower than the values ​​
  • established in the respective national collective agreement;
  • the indication of the accommodation provided for the worker;
  • the commitment, by the employer, to bear the travel costs in the event of repatriation;
  • the commitment, again on the part of the employer, to promptly communicate any changes inherent in the employment relationship.

The following must be attached to the online application:

  • Self-certification of the company’s registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, provided that such registration is required in relation to the activity carried out;
  • Self-certification of the social security and tax position, which proves the employer’s employment and income capacity;
  • The proposal to stipulate a permanent, fixed or seasonal residence contract, with full or part time hours and not less than 20 hours per week, and, in the case of domestic work, a salary not lower than the minimum required for the social allowance.
  • Within 60 days, the Single Desk for Immigration, requested and obtained the opinion of the competent Police
  • Headquarters on the lack of obstacles to the entry of the foreign worker, as well as the absence of specific criminal records against the employer that would prevent the hiring, issue the clearance.

The authorization is valid for 6 months. It is transmitted electronically to the UK consular authority of the country of residence of the foreign worker.

The latter, made aware of the sending of the permit, will thus request the issuance of the entry visa to the consular authority.

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