When your regular doctor diagnoses nerves, brain, or spinal cord related problems in your body, he or she might refer you to the neurosurgeon for further treatment. This thought alone might put you into the stress because nerve problems aren’t considered common. 

Foremost, you should not panic because nerve-related problems can be easily cured with the right treatment. Once you find the best neurosurgeon in Dubai, you can start the process of healing instantly. The best neurosurgeon will guide you with the right procedure and treatment course to get better and quicker recovery. 

To find the best neurosurgeon in Dubai, you have to consider the following important pointers –

Get Referrals 

Your search for the best neurosurgeon in Dubai should start with getting referrals. You can contact your trusted family doctor for the recommendation. You can also consult with your family and friends who are suffering from similar neuro problems like you. However, if you aren’t getting many referrals from your circle, you can visit the Mya Care portal as we provide well-researched health care reviews and recommendations only. 

Check Credentials 

Neurology surgeries are some of the most crucial and risky surgeries. Thus, you have to check the credentials of the doctor before trusting him or her with your treatment. To find the best neurosurgeon in Dubai, you can first check the degree of the doctor and make sure that the degree is obtained from a reputed institution.  

Furthermore, you have to check the previous surgery record of the surgeon, like how many surgeries have been conducted in the last few years and how many of them have been successful. The experience and success rate of the doctor had to be high because it defines the expertise level. So, carefully evaluate the credentials of your neurosurgeon. 

Gender of your Neurosurgeon Matters 

This might sound racist, but you should consider the gender of your neurosurgeon before starting the treatment. There are plenty of different things that you have to discuss with your doctor, and if you aren’t comfortable with opposite genders, you should find the same gender doctor. 

For example, if you aren’t comfortable with discussing your menstrual cycle with your male doctor, you should consult a female neurosurgeon because you should not hide any sort of information from your doctor. Thus, you have to maintain a comfortable relationship with your doctor. 

Evaluate Hospital 

You have to check the quality of your doctor’s hospital because your treatment’s quality depends upon the hospital. If the hospital has the proper facility and essential equipment to perform complicated neurosurgery, the success rate of the surgery will automatically improve. Thus, do your homework and run proper research on the hospital. 

Additionally, you should check the location of the hospital. If the hospital is located too far from your home, traveling back and forth often will be difficult, especially when you are under the influence of medications. 

Establish an Understanding Level

When you are going through such an intensive surgery, it is alright to feel scared and confused. It is the responsibility of your doctor to put your mind to ease. You and your doctor should have a mutual understanding and cordial relationship so that you can freely ask anything from your doctor. The doctor-patient relationship is one of the important parts of your treatment. 

Neurosurgeries can be a pretty complicated process, but if you have the support of the best neurosurgeon in Dubai, you can easily undergo the treatment. To find the best neurosurgeon and hospitals in your area, you can check the Mya Care portal and find the best neurosurgeon near your home. This platform is simply designed to bring ease and comfort in the patient’s life, so don’t hesitate and visit our website today!

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