Employee monitoring

Are you concerned about the excessive smartphone usage of your employee? Are you doubtful that they are having a secret relationship with someone or involved in harmful acts because of their unusual texting behavior? Do you feel worried when they are on a trip with peers and you are at home?

As a proprietor, are you anxious due to the low performance of your staff and you want to prevent them from wasting time on company-owned systems? You can eliminate all your tensions with the help of TheOneSpy monitoring application.

It is advanced software that is designed to help parents, and entrepreneurs track the digital devices of their team members. Once you will install it on the target’s phone, you will be able to spy and control it through your cell phone. To control their phone from your phone, you will have to download the TOS dashboard control app on your device.

What Is A TOS Dashboard Control App?

It is specifically created to allow users to track and control the target’s phone without wasting time on repeated logins to the web control panel. Once you install it on your phone, you can directly operate your workers’ devices through the application. It works like the control panel or dashboard of the spyware and makes the tracking process effortless and quick. The app enables you to:

  • Forget wasting time on repeated logins on the control panel on your mobile phone.
  • You can monitor and control the gadget of your kid from your phone.
  • Track the activities of your employees 24/7 using TOS Desk.
  • Save the captured information and view it instantly.

What Can I Do Employee Monitoring With TOS App

Monitor Text Messages

Are you interested in reading text chats of your team members without taking their permission? The TOS dashboard control software permits you to secretly read their chats in the form of text messages, MMS, and social media and instant messages on your mobile. You can also view contact details of the senders and receivers to determine who is in touch with your workers.

Remotely Control Installed Apps

Are you anxious about your utilizing age-restricted applications on his cell phone? With the tracking tool, you can easily control all the installed apps on their phone. It enables you to block, unblock, or uninstall applications without even touching their smartphone. With the dashboard control app, it becomes easier for you to keep an eye on the digital acts of your employee.

Call Recording

The phone calls made or received by your employee through the targeted devices get captured by the spyware. With the dashboard control tool, you can hear the live calls with great accuracy. You can also grab information about the contact numbers of callers and recipients. If you want to block or restrict specific numbers, you can do it from a remote location.

Get Passwords

The spy software lets you track patterns, pin codes, phrases, and passwords of your personnel by capturing the lock screen. You can also get to know about the passwords of their web accounts by gaining access to captured keystrokes.

Live Screen Recording

The employee monitoring app empowers you to watch what’s running on your employee phone and other devices. phone. It does not matter which app he’s using, you can supervise his activities without informing him. Just send a single command via the dashboard control software to make the target’s device start recording the screen. You can also make screenshots of the screen with a certain gap.

Control Camera

You can stay updated about what’s happening in the surrounding areas of your staff by turning the cameras of their phones on. You can send a command to the targeted person’s device to activate the back or front cameras to see the nearby areas. The camera can take photos or videos as per your command.

Supervise Internet Usage

You can supervise their internet usage to know about if they explore inappropriate sites or not. If they view pornography videos, you can block those websites.


The TOS dashboard control app is an exceptional tool that helps you take charge of the target’s phone activities. You can gain access to log files and further upload the data on the web portal.

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