Registering a trademark is the ideal way to protect your brand’s reputation. Once registered, your trademark cannot be used by anyone else who manufactures similar products or offers comparable services. As a brand owner, you can register your company’s name and your logo as a trademark. What’s important to note is that your trademark is unique and does not look or sound similar to a competitor’s trademark.

To check whether your trademark is truly unique, you can compare the name and logo you want to register with the trademarks already registered with the Trade Marks Registry of India. This list can be accessed online by anyone wanting to register a trademark. Searching for brand names similar to yours is simpler as words are easy to compare. However, you must note that in some cases, brand names need not be identical in their spelling. IF they sound the same though they have different spellings, your application for trademark registration may be rejected. Searching for images and logos can be a little more complicated. This is where it becomes advantageous to work with a registration consultant.

A registration consultant can ensure a thorough search and comparison of your intended trademark with registered trademarks. They can also help you fill in the application form with all the relevant details and help you put together all the necessary supporting documents. They can also help ensure that you meet all the deadlines and get your application processed speedily.

So, how do you design a trademark that will be easily recognizable?

Choose a unique wordmark that reflects your company’s main business
A brand name is one of the integral elements of a trademark. This name must be unique and must reflect the type of products and services offered by your company. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to name a hardware company, white paints – would it! You need a name that when heard by your customers will tell them what to expect from your company. You can decide upon a brand name by yourself or ask and agent who specializes in trademark registration in Bangalorefor help.

Choose action colours
Whether you’re talking about how your brand name is written or the graphic element that accompanies it, you can’t simply choose your favourite colours as the ideal colour for your company. Every colour says something. While red is associated with passion and high energy, blue is associated with cool, calmness and green with the environment. Thus, if you were designing a trademark for a solar panel manufacturer, green would be a better colour palette for your trademark as compared to red or blue. It is important for you to know the exact shade for your company colour palette. The Pantone colour shade card is ideal for this.

Create trademarks that work well in greyscale and colour
When it comes to graphic elements for trademarks, there are two components to be considered – the illustration and the colour scheme. In many cases, customers may need to rely solely on the illustration. Thus, the logo needs to be recognizable in a colour print as well as a black and white print. For example, your billing invoices may feature only a black and white print of the logo while your visiting cards may contain the brand name and logo in full colour.

Look at the scale
Your company’s trademark should be designed in such a way that it looks good in all sizes. It must look good and be easily recognizable on a letterhead as well as on a hoarding. Thus, you need to take care of the thickness of lines as well as the spacing between elements. Be careful of intricate details and curves thatmay be lost when you shrink a logo. The simpler the logo, the easier it will be to scale up and down.

Check alignment
While the brand name wordmark and the logo may be often used independently, they are also often used together. Thus, you must check their alignment and make sure they form a single cohesive unit. You will also need to check the ratio of the sizes and ensure that whenever they are used together, the same ratio is applied.

Your trademark may be aesthetically pleasing, unique and reflective of your company’s product and service range, but, unless you register it, it cannot be protected from misuse. This is where you need the help of an agent who specializes in trademark registration in Bangalore. An experienced agent can help you select a unique trademark and register it with the Trade Marks Registry of India. They can help you fill in the application form with all the relevant details, put together the necessary supporting documents and submit it in time to meet deadlines. Most importantly, they can help avoid unnecessary delays in the application processing and get your trademark approved in the shortest time possible.

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