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Andropause occurs in men between 45 and 65 years old. It’s a period of human life during which the testosterone level drops and causes various symptoms associated with this hormonal upheaval: decrease in physical attraction, erectile disorders, irritability, increase in visceral fat, etc. Healthy eating may be a proper remedy against andropause by improving the standard of life and preventing and causing inconvenience.

The Essential Points of the Diet to Treat Andropause Naturally:

  • Choose the right fats.
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables and dietary fiber
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Limit the consumption of sugar and refined products
  • Practice regular physical activity

The essential points of the diet to treat andropause naturally:

Improve erectile function in andropause

In most cases, the dysfunction would be caused by the system’s shortcomings to pump enough blood into the p*nis to get an erection. a number of this disability causes nerve damage, stress, anxiety, taking certain medications, excess alcohol, smoking, obesity, and health problems like hypertension. , arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. (See also our fact sheet on impotence.) The come by testosterone that accompanies andropause also plays a negative role in glucose and lipid metabolism, resulting in a greater susceptibility to suffering from type 2 diabetes, upset, and possibly metabolic syndrome.

Avoid the buildup of abdominal fat, a natural remedy against andropause.

As they enter their forties, many men start to accumulate fat around the waistlines. The decrease in testosterone is implicated during this tendency to get abdominal fat. This fat, called visceral fat, is dangerous for health because it’s found around vital organs like the heart and liver. Additionally, it increases the danger of many diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and upset. Measuring your waistline can tell if you’re overweight or obese.

It is an issue of abdominal overweight when the waist circumference is larger than 94 cm in men. As for abdominal obesity, it corresponds to a waist circumference of 102 cm and more in men. The waist measurement should be taken at the tiniest perimeter between the navel and also the last ribs. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 used to treat erectile dysfunction

When the waistline is within the “high risk” category, it means the chance of an upset, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hypertriglyceridemia (presence of fat within the blood) is very high. To turn and reduce waist circumference, you do not have to air a diet. Still, you would like to follow some nutritional recommendations, consume fewer calories, and increase your physical activity level. To do this, it’s essential to pay attention carefully to your hunger and fullness signals so that you eat only if you are feeling real hunger – stomach rumbling, subtle call energy, and concentration.

it’s also important to prevent eating once you are full with a satisfied stomach without being too full, which sometimes means not empty your plate. The general public who are overweight or obese often eat without feeling hungry and do not stop eating when the time is correct. Being attentive to our body signals is one of the most effective strategies for regaining and maintaining a healthy weight. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly using to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Treating andropause naturally: dietary recommendations

Food could be a natural and effective remedy for andropause. By avoiding certain foods and making a habit of including others, it’s possible to alleviate and stop the symptoms of andropause very effectively.

Recommended diet to treat andropause naturally.

To cure andropause naturally by reducing ED, promoting sleep, and reducing visceral fat, it’s necessary to adopt good eating habits. Omega-3s, fiber, fruits and vegetables, and adequate calcium intake is of great help. It’ll even be required to require care to practice a daily physical activity to strengthen the consequences of the special andropause diet.

Omega-3 and good fats

One of the simplest ways to push good blood circulation and thus improve erectile function is to extend the intake of marine omega-3s. it’s strongly recommended to eat two meals of 120 g of fish rich in omega-3 per week.

Among fatty fish rich in Omega-3, it’s recommended to consume:

  1. Salmon
  2. Trout
  3. Mackerel
  4. Char
  5. Sardine
  6. Herring
  7. Tuna

Even if omega-3 of plant origin doesn’t have the identical power as marine omega-3, it’s still recommended to incorporate them regularly within the menu. Here are the most sources:

  • Ground flax seeds, hemp seeds, and chia seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Rapeseed and flaxseed oil
  • Products fortified with omega-3s (milk, cheese, eggs, juice, cereals)
  • Dietary fiber

Both kinds of fiber, soluble and insoluble, have beneficial health effects. Soluble fiber, enormously, helps lower cholesterol levels, additionally to help stabilize glucose levels.

Sources of insoluble fiber:

fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes (lentils, peas, beans), whole bread and starches, nuts and seeds, oilseed purees.

Sources of soluble fiber:

oat bran and oatmeal, oat bran bread, rye bread, barley, quinoa, buckwheat pancake, psyllium, turnip, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprout, green bean, onion, sweet potato, artichoke, apricot, mango, orange, grapefruit, peach, pear, apple.

Fractional feeding

To maximize brain performance and have good morale, it’s imperative to distribute the nutrient intake well throughout the day. The best is to eat three balanced meals, plus 1 or 2 snacks when the time between 2 meals exceeds 4 hours. Meals should include mostly fruits and vegetables, some meat (or alternatives), and whole-grain products. An excessive amount of meat (or substitutes), refined starches, and sugar harm the brain by disrupting neurotransmitters’ assembly, these chemical messengers that regulate our mood also as our intellectual capacities.

Example of balanced meals to consume to treat andropause naturally:

One small bowl of Valerianella locusta in oil

  1. 120 g of poultry
  2. 150 g cooked rice
  3. 200 g of broccoli, yogurt, and delicate herb sauce
  4. One fruit

Some samples of snacks:

  1. One apple + 10 almonds
  2. 250 ml soy milk with 30 g oatmeal
  3. Two whole-grain, low-sugar cookies + 1 yogurt

Physical activity

Since andropause contributes to muscle tissue loss, physical activity (all varieties of activities that include walking) must be an element of one’s life. To realize this, it’s not necessary to commence an intensive educational program. Just being in motion rather than sitting may be a significant improvement. To search out the proper form of physical activity, see the condition – Taking Action sheet.

Other recommended foods:

  • Antioxidants
  • Lean protein
  • Simple home cooking
  • Good hydration

Food not recommended against andropause

To treat andropause naturally and with the assistance of diet, it’s essential to avoid certain foods that promote weight gain within the abdominal area, which disrupts sleep or causes problems with the circulatory system. This can be the case with alcohol, salt, sugar, and bad fats.


Alcohol in moderate amounts has no adverse effects on blood circulation and cholesterol levels. However, taken in an excessive amount of alcohol may be very harmful, increasing the chance of disorder, cancer, and disease. Moderate consumption in humans mustn’t exceed 14 drinks per week, covering 7 days, which corresponds to approximately two glasses per day. As an example, drinking a bottle of wine together is such as drinking 2.5 drinks each. Whether or not alcohol consumption is moderate, you should also know that it increases appetite and may cause eating more.

One alcohol consumption is equivalent to:

  1. 5 cl of wine
  2. 250 ml beer
    • cl of spirits


High pressure could be a disorder caused by excessive force per unit area exerted on the arteries. If left untreated, arteriosclerosis can occur (hardening and narrowing of the arteries). Arteriosclerosis increases the work of the guts and tires the body. Blood circulation is affected throughout the body, including the p*nis, resulting in erectile function disorders. Salt, or common salt, is one factor that increases pressure within the arteries because it creates the required water. it’s used extensively by the food industry. Except for fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables, most products bought in supermarkets contain it. As for pizzas, quiches, pâtés, cold cuts, smoked meats, cookies, chips, and soups from the shop, they’re filled with them. One serving of any of those foods can contain quite 1000 mg of sodium and sometimes far more, while our total sodium intake mustn’t exceed 2300 mg per day. Super Kamagra and Kamagra Gold is a good way to Treat ED

It is recommended that you check the nutrition information tables (which appear on all packaging) to avoid high sodium products. Generally, those who want to stop dysfunction should seriously limit the acquisition of ready-made and frozen meals. At home, it’s advisable to get rid of the salt shaker from the table and instead use herbs and spices to reinforce the taste of food.

Fruits and vegetables

It is recommended that men over the age of fifty consume 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Due to the alkaline mineral salts, they contain (magnesium, potassium, calcium), fruits, and vegetables to stay calcium within the bones by neutralizing the acids that harm them. Additionally, they supply fiber, water, and micronutrients essential for optimal health.

One serving of fruits and vegetables corresponds to:

  • One apple, pear, banana, or orange
  • Two clementines
  • Two kiwis
  • 200 g strawberries
  • Ten cherries
  • One compote
  • 250 ml of 100% homemade juice
  • 250 g of vegetables
  • One bowl of salad
  • Calcium and D

Although osteoporosis mainly affects women, 1 in 8 men over the age of fifty has it. To keep up the right bone mass, it’s necessary to own an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D and consume enough fruits and vegetables. For men 50 years old and over, the recommended daily allowance is 1200 mg for calcium and 600 IU for cholecalciferol. To get 1200 mg of calcium, men are advised to consume three servings of milk and alternatives per day.

A foodstuff is equivalent to:

  1. Skim milk, 1%, 2%: 250 ml or 1 cup
  2. Chocolate milk: 250 ml or 1 cup
  3. Goat cheese: 30 g or 1 ½ oz
  4. Goat’s milk, fortified: 250 ml or 1 cup
  5. Powdered milk: 250 ml or 1 cup (diluted)
  6. Lactose-reduced milk: 250 ml or 1 cup
  7. Fortified soy beverage: 250 ml or 1 cup
  8. Firm cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, feta): 30 g
  9. Drinkable yogurt: 200 ml
  10. Yogurt (preferably plain): 125 g
  11. Cottage cheese: 100 g

Regarding vitamin D, it’s recommended to require a vitamin D3 supplement because it’s challenging to get 600 IU per day from food alone. Therefore, the synthesis via the sun is insufficient during the winter. Kamagra 100 and Buy Kamagra 100 for Happy s*xual life

Refined foods

In addition to not containing fiber, refined foods are less satiating, which can ultimately cause you to eat beyond the wants of the body.

Refined foods low in fiber:

  • White bread
  • Instant rice, rice vermicelli
  • Refined breakfast cereals
  • Croissants, waffles, pastries
  • French fries, crisps, mashed potatoes
  • White pizza dough
  • Refined pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, tortellini, etc.)
  • Couscous, tapioca, risotto, gnocchi
  • White flour (wheat).

For more details on the way to lower your cholesterol level, see our Hypercholesterolemia Special Diet sheet.


Added or concentrated sugars increase blood sugar levels, which may be harmful to the circulatory system and hinder the upkeep of excellent glucose levels and a healthy weight. To avoid simple sugars hidden in foods, it’s recommended to test the nutritional information table on the packaging and choose products that contain but 5 g of sugar per serving (this rule doesn’t apply to fruit juices. natural and dairy products which naturally contain sugar). Sugar should not be the most ingredient in every food. This is often when the primary word appearing on the list of ingredients is “sugar” or another sweetening product: glucose, fructose, honey, syrup, refined sugar, cane sugar, molasses, corn syrup.

Bad fats

Too high a foul cholesterol level causes deposits of bad fats within the arteries and hinders blood flow throughout the body, including the p*nis. To bring your cholesterol back to normal, it’s essential to create sure that you choose foods high in good fats while reducing those containing bad fats.

Diet remedy against andropause: practical advice on a daily

Eat a dinner low in meat and fat, and high in carbohydrates, vegetarian type: chili without meat, minestrone, rice with chicken and vegetables, etc.

Avoid foods containing caffeine within the evening (coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, energy drinks)

Avoid large amounts of alcohol.

Eat fish regularly, and fatty fish a minimum of once per week.

Make homemade smoothies with whey protein, ground flax and pumpkin seeds, and fresh fruit.

Every time you place food in your mouth, ask yourself if you’re starving.

During the most effective times to require more alcohol, bring water and juice to moderate your consumption.

Replace coffees taken during the day with decaf or herbal teas

Systematically fill half the plate with vegetables.

At the restaurant, choose fish from the menu and evoke vegetables to accompany

Now prefer exclusive products: bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, multi-grain bakery products, high-fiber cereals, etc.

As a snack, favor milk, soy milk, yogurt, and cheese with but 20% fat, amid fruits, vegetables, or oilseeds.

To go further: what’s the link between sleep and andropause?

Lack of sleep can influence testosterone production, and lack of testosterone contributes to belly fat gain, which may cause sleep disorder problems. It is a vicious circle. it’s therefore essential to place in situ eating habits which will cause weight loss if necessary or weight stabilization

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