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The sheer joy of your first bike ride is an unparalleled experience. It is almost as if you are flying. The wind gushing from your sides, the exhilarating sound of your bike, and the simple joy that you can tame a machine on your command are simply beyond words to describe. Most riders are excited about their first ride and the excitement mixed with the brashness of the tender age causes them to steer towards rash driving. It is important that you ask yourself some questions and be well prepared for your ride. In fact, it is better to start your bike riding experience with an electric bike. Electric bikes are a great option for first-time novice riders as they can be easily handled and the risk of injury with these bikes is also low. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to select the best electric bike for you. 

Electric bikes are all the rage now. They are selling like hotcakes all over the world. The reason behind the success of these electric bikes is their affordability. They are also a practical solution to the ever-increasing number of personally owned vehicles and the resultant traffic ruckus. So, here is a definitive guide that will help you to select the best electric bike for you:

Ask yourself these questions:

Before you head on to bring home an electric bike take a moment to sit down and note down your expectations and your needs that you want to be fulfilled by this electric bike: some questions that will help you are:

  1. How many times will you use the electric bike in a week?
  2. What would the distance of your commute be that you intend to cover with the electric bike?
  3. What are your body stats? This is important so that you get the right electric bike. There are bikes of different weights.
  4. Would there be any accompanying baggage with you on your ride?
  5. Are there any co-passengers? 

Now after you have thought about the answers to these questions you will get an idea of the type of electric bike that will suit your needs well. Now when it comes to electric bikes there are two types of pedal power assistance.

Types of pedal power assistance:

  • Motion sensor pedal power assistance- the motion sensor pedal power assistance gets activated after an initial power supply of two to three rotations. It also is ignorant of how quickly or how slowly you are peddling and this can be quite tricky for the rider at the outset. 
  • Power sensor- the power sensor pedal power assistance is more responsive when compared to the motion sensor pedal power assistance. The power on this type of sensor keeps increasing gradually as you keep pedaling on your electric bike. This is comfortable for the rider as this power supply accounts for the smoother rides this type of sensor has to offer. It must also be noted that this type of sensor is comparably expensive than the motion sensors. 

The battery of the electric bike:

The battery of the electric bike is a crucial factor for you. On average, an electric bike has batteries that last for around two years and this translated to some 500 recharge cycles for the battery. The battery of any electric bike also depends on other factors such as the cyclist’s weight, the type of terrain, the condition of roads, the temperature while riding as well as on standby, and the speed and the direction of the wind. Take a good look at the battery capacity of the electric bike you are going to buy. This is like the main driving force of your bike and thus you must be attentive towards it. 


These were some of the tips that you should keep in mind when you are buying an electric bike. If these facts get you all excited and you have made up your mind to get yourself one of these bikes then you can head over to the online store of Venom Motorsports. They have a good collection of some of the best electric bikes. 

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