The cool breezy winter is at your doorstep now, and you’d need room heaters in order to battle this cold and keep yourself safe. If you do not know how to select the best room heater, this blog can help you.

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Things to remember when buying a room heater

There are certain things that you must consider when you are planning to buy a room heater. The following are some of the most important things.

Type of room heater

The most critical thing to remember is the sort of room heater you require. There are typically three types of room heaters available on the market, which are convection, radiant and fan-forced. Such forms of heaters vary, based on the product used to produce heat. The fan-powered Room Heaters use an inner fan that blows through a heating element. It is, therefore, necessary to select the room heater according to your specifications. In the case of radiant heaters, heat is generated as radiation, without warming up the surrounding air. Convection heaters, on the other hand, use an electrical component or coil to heat the atmosphere.

Ability To Heat

It is critical to pick a heater depending on the size of the room you want to heat. For example, the room heater takes ten watts of heating power to heat each square foot of the room. This implies that if you need to heat a 150 square foot space, you need a room heater with a heating power of 1,500 watts. While this is a common concept, and the law does not apply to any heater, it is more or less the same. Heating often relies on other considerations, such as heating technology and the indoor climate.

Energy Efficiency

You certainly don’t want a cosy room at the risk of high energy bills. So, before you decide to buy, you must evaluate the energy efficiency of the room heater. Most of the room heaters do not have a normal degree of efficiency like the EER score. You can also search for room heaters with energy-saving features, low-watt, customisable thermostats, and tunable timers that can help reduce power usage and save you from rapidly rising electricity bills.


Noise pollution, like other sources of pollution, should also be discussed. Both electrical pieces of equipment make a sound while working, and room heaters are no different. Some emit more vibration, some produce fewer, and the noise may be distracting. So, make sure you’re getting a space heater, with minimal sound or no sound at all.

Safety Features

Since you’re interacting with energy and fire, protection is one of the biggest considerations when buying a room heater. Room heaters are fitted with a cool-to-touch and shock-proof surface of the body, and other sophisticated safety systems, such as overheating prevention and automatic switch-off when the internal components exceed an inappropriate temperature.

Tips For Maintaining A Room Heater

You must also know how to maintain a room heater. Winter will affect the heating system. It is very important to manage it properly to allow it to function smoothly. Here are a few ideas you should follow to keep your heater going.

Check The Pilot Light

The first move in planning for the cold weather is to ensure that the pilot’s lamp is illuminated in your furnace. Your whole machine would be impaired without a functioning pilot light. If you are not confident about how to verify your pilot light, make sure you obey the manufacturer’s guidelines by turning to your device’s user guide, or you can contact a specialist for assistance.

Check Your Heater Properly

Another crucial move in heating management is to give your heater a successful visual check. Make sure the cables are secure, and there is no evidence of disruption to the wiring. If you see any broken cable, repair the wire immediately.

Properly Clean The Heater

Wipe your furnace to make sure that all dust or dirt is free. You may also use a vacuum with a long nozzle connection to clean parts of the heater that are more difficult to access, such as a fan blower. Remove dirty filters and make sure that they are changed after one to two months.

Once you know all these tips, you are all set to purchase a new room heater and be warm without undertaking any danger.

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