To become a successful singer there must be constant and lasting work. There is a big difference between daydreaming and making your dreams come true .

And to make them concrete, steps must be taken, whether small or large, the important thing is action .

What prevents the action?

The fear of failure, the fear of others’ judgment, the fear of change.
Once the barrier is overcome, everything will be easier. Therefore, there must be work on one’s voice, one’s vocal technique, but also work on oneself .

How to become a successful singer?

There are various solutions to be able to fulfill your dreams and become a successful  singer.

  1. Take an Introspective Exam Deeply
    analyze mp3 songs. Who you are, who you want to be and how you can do to become the artist you want to be.
  2. Study
    Do you think that one day you will be able to say “I will stop studying because I am very good?”. Better that that day never comes .. because to stop studying means to stop growing and learning.
  3. Will music be your profession or just a hobby?
    Ask yourself if that’s what you want to do as a profession or is it just a hobby.
    This is essential to understand which direction to take.
    It seems obvious, but it is not, because many artists, even if they believe they have chosen to make music for their profession, never succeed in doing so, and do not earn anything by making music. In short, even if they really want to make music, they can’t find the right path. Because the right questions have not been asked.
    There is a big difference, and what you achieve is only the result of your actions and choices.
  4. Set yourself some medium and long-term goals In
    order not to remain helpless to wait, and seize the opportunities and realize your dream of becoming a successful singer, you need to set yourself daily goals, and long-term goals. A daily goal can be to study singing, play and discover new chords etc. A long-term goal can be: “within this year I have to earn 1000 euros doing concerts etc.”. Thanks to the small steps you take every day … you can reach the coveted destination.
  5. Make quality
    music The music you compose is the mirror of your soul. If you want to aim high you have to present your music at its best, and you have to improve your way of composing and writing: knowing harmony, chords and notes.
  6. Rely on the professionals
    Rely on those who can best cover your song with an arrangement; to musicians who can give sound and direction to your song; to the videomaker who can make you a video clip that presents your music at its best; the press office or agency that can help you spread your music. Don’t be alone, get help along the way.
  7. Participate in competitions and talent
    Participate in competitions and talent, but those done well. And professional. There are so many that it’s not worth it. Talent today is not the only showcase, but it can still offer you visibility. There’s no harm in trying.
  8. Create your opportunities Do you
    prefer to focus on difficulties or opportunities? I guess about the second option. Get busy and look for the countless opportunities that arise before you, only sometimes you have to force yourself to see them.
  9. Create your community
    Your fans, your audience are indispensable to do this job. Without them nobody would come to your concert or buy your cd. Get them involved in what you do …
  10. Improve your relationships and make the right acquaintances
    Make friends with other bands, connect with as many professionals as possible … create contacts that can be useful for the future. Having the right knowledge means having more chances for the future.
  11. Make sacrifices
    Spend time on your passions, and on what you want your job to become. Work hard and do not lose focus on trivial things, such as distracting yourself from every notification from social networks, or from a text message on a friend’s whatsapp. Focus on what you do.
  12. Travel
    Traveling opens your mind, and makes you see things differently. In music, traveling is fundamental, discovering new places to play; new people to collaborate with or simply find inspiration for new sounds.
  13. Enhance your image
    Enhance your image to feel good about yourself and on stage. The image we have of ourselves shines through on stage. You cannot lie, the public perceives your insecurities, your discomforts. By improving your image, you also improve your self-esteem.
  14. Create your own style
    Having a look that sets you apart from others can give you an edge. Be bold with colors, and bring your style closer to the kind of music you make.


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