In the summer season, it gets quite difficult to decide what to wear and to keep comfort at the same time without sacrificing your style. Luckily enough we have a few tips and guidelines to save you from the heat wave, to keep you cool all summer long!

Lose fitting outfits

Avoid wearing clingy dresses for women when the temperature is rising, and go for loose-fitting clothes. So pick something breathable, which is not hugging your body. As the heat increases, these loosely fit clothes are a girl’s best friend. You can get plain or printed unstitched lawn in this case and get a shirt made for you an inch or two lose perhaps.

Throw away synthetic materials

The best option is to stick with 100% pure and natural fabrics such as cotton, and lawn digital print shirt. These fabrics are ideal for the summer season as they are breathable, comfortable and absorb less heat as compared to the synthetic fabric which is usually stiff in texture and absorbs more heat relatively.

Moreover, natural fibres are skin-friendly; on the other hand, synthetic materials usually irritate the skin and make it unbearable in the heat. So this year pick something from the summer collection that is made of genuine cotton or lawn.

Go bright or pastel

Bright and pastel-shaded women clothes are your best friend in the hot weather. Let’s take you back to the elementary science lecture, where lighter colours reflect sunlight and in return soak less heat, whereas dark-toned ladies dress absorbs more sunlight. Hence the key is to look for light, bright, vibrant or pastel hues to stay cool both indoor and outdoor.

Several local brands and online business owners are offering Pakistani clothes online that have a variety of bright coloured shirts, some with pastel hues, and intricate embroideries, gem-encrusted buttons, and crochet laces that look highly elegant.

Feminine prints

The worst that could happen to you is- sweat stains! So when you have put on plain shirts and dresses, sweat stains become prominent and can be a great source of embarrassment. Don’t let summers ruin your mood! Bring some life in your wardrobe with a printed unstitched 3 piece suit for women. Such printed materials and shirts can be purchases from any brand’s online stores in Pakistan. Come to think of it, these prints will blend the stains and rather the print will catch everyone’s attention.

So it’s time to take out your floral prints, and rock in that shirt, dress or blouse and pair them to hide away your imperfections in a perfect way.

Keep them short

Hotter days are a great way to experiment with your dresses. You can skip the sleeves of your unstitched lawn suits, or style them in a cut-outs way that lets air flow through your clothes, making them breathable as a result.

On the other hand, capri pants or flared trousers are the best deals this summer season! Throw away your cigarette pants when it gets hotter. You can also pair the traditionally loose shalwar with your 2 piece suit. The rule is again to keep it all loose rather than skin-tight or body-hugging outfits.

Skinny jeans are OUT!

When it comes to western wear, jeans are the only options that come to your mind probably. However, we suggest skipping skinny jeans or tight jeggings in the hot weather, rather go for pleated pants, capri pants, or flared trousers. The best part about these is that they both can be worn with any western, eastern or fusion style top.

You may also get your unstitched suits online now from any website and get matching pair of pants stitched with them if you plan to wear eastern attire.

Accessorize the right way.

With accessories, you can either make it or break it! You must pick accessories that are not overdoing your entire attire. Skip those chunky necklaces, or big earrings, rather go for layered chains, or small studs or pearl earrings- all that is minimal.

The key is to dress up in a manageable outfit, and avoid too much going on your outfit! Go for a printed scarf over your t-shirt or tie your hair in a high messy bun and wear those small oval hoops for an effortless summer look.

Summer Sandals

Given the right pair of shoes can take you to the right places! Choosing the right kind of footwear in summers is essential. With online dres’ shopping, you should also keep in mind the style of shoes you will wear with it. Flip flops are the most comfortable pair of shoes, other than that, you can also opt for flat sandals with bows, pearl embellishments, gladiator sandals, open-faced sandals or heels. This type of footwear gives you both style and utmost comfort at the same time. So opt for a matching pair of shoes or contrasting sandals with your summer dresses this year.

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