All organs in the body have their own special work. Which they do by helping them keep the body healthy. Among them, the kidney is important, which cleans the body from inside and works to filter the blood.

The kidney has an important role in all the functioning parts of the body, because if the kidney is not working properly, then understand that the body is calling many diseases.

Kidney diseases and kidney failure are growing dangerously in the whole world and India. Used to be. One out of every 10 human beings in India is prone to chronic kidney disease in one form or the other.

Every year around 1,50,000 people come in as new patients with end-stage kidney failure. Therefore, it is very important to know how to take care of the kidney so that we can be successful in keeping the whole body healthy including the kidney.

Liquid substance

The kidney needs a liquid medium to flush out harmful substances from the body. It is necessary to drink at least one and a half to two liters of water a day. And if you are physically active, you need to drink even more water. Also, other liquid things like juices, etc. should be drunk.

Controlled diet

A controlled diet can also cure a poor kidney. And healthy kidneys can be prevented from worsening. We should try to eat spicy things sparingly. Also, regular lemon, potato juice, and pure water should always be consumed in maximum, so that our kidneys are not harmed.

Blood sugar control

As the level of glucose in the blood increases, the risk of diseases like diabetes increases, it can also destroy the internal ducts of the kidney. If these tubes are damaged, they will not be able to filter the blood properly. Therefore, it is important to control blood sugar levels for the kidney.

Get drunk

Smoking has a big hand in destroying the blood vessels in the body. Because of this, the blood does not filter well. So if you smoke cigarettes or any other kind of intoxication then leave it immediately.

Do not eat painkillers

Taking medicines that reduce pain for a long time also affects the kidneys. If someone’s kidneys are already a little weak, they may be at great risk with painkiller medications. Therefore, to stay away from kidney diseases, stay away from painkillers, and take painkillers on the advice of doctors.

Healthy Diet

Well, eating is a cure for many diseases. Eating fruits, vegetables, and fiber items also improve kidney health along with weight. If it is a matter of kidney, then the amount of salt in food should be kept to a minimum. Also, fruits, lemon, amla, celery, etc. should be consumed more and more.

Do not stop urinating

Withholding urine can prove dangerous to the kidney. Due to this bad habit, there is an increased possibility of becoming a stone in the kidney. In such a situation, there is a lot of damage to the kidney, and kidney failure can also occur if the problem becomes severe. So whenever urine comes, do not stop it for too long.

Get enough sleep

If we do not sleep fully or do not sleep properly, then this story is also hindered and the pressure on the kidney increases. When we sleep, our kidney tissue is renewed. That is why we are in great need of complete and sound sleep.

Annual check

Regular checks should be done for every person, and especially in those older than 60 years, or hereditary disease of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney failure in the family.

Be active

It is said that many diseases are eradicated by a person being active. Because when you are active in everyday life, blood pressure is controlled. Due to which many diseases stay away from you.

Avoid soda and alcohol

If you drink large amounts of cold drinks or alcohol, this habit is harmful not only for the urine but also for the whole body. Many types of research suggest that excessive intake of alcohol or soda etc. also cause urinary problems. This causes the body’s protein to pass out through your urine, due to which the kidneys are unable to function properly at that time and it has caused heavy damage. So avoid consuming soda alcohol.

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