If you’ve already turned your ceiling fans up to maximum speed, chances are that as temperatures continue to rise in the coming months, you are likely to need something a little more heavy-duty than your ceiling fan. 


Air coolers are quickly gaining ground as a popular cooling solution because they command a much lower upfront cost than air conditioners in most cases. They are also popular because they are easily installed and easily moved. You can enjoy your air cooler, while you’re lounging in your living room watching your shows or dining, and you can take it with you to your bedroom to keep cool when you are resting. If you move homes, it can be easily carried, and also does not need to be dismantled by a technician. 


Best of all, air coolers are far easier to clean than air conditioners. It is mostly a DIY exercise of carefully cleaning the filters, especially when compared to the tedious exercise of cleaning an air conditioner. 


Of late, another reason for the growing popularity of air coolers is because they are the more sustainable option. They use no refrigerants, and also consume far less electricity. The latter doubles up as a long term savings benefit in addition. 


But how much can an air cooler actually cool your room?  


Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question, because it depends on what size of air cooler you actually get, and the specific brand and model chosen by you, along with how you position it, and whether it has an ice chamber.


Tower coolers are seen as the most powerful and the most effective type of coolers in the market, especially for larger rooms. If you are living alone, and if your rooms are small, or you intend to move the cooler around as you change your position in a room, you can definitely manage with a mini cooler or a cooler of a smaller size. 


You should check the air throw capacity of your tower cooler before you buy the model. Ideally, check the CFM ideal for the room that you intend to cool, before buying the cooler.


Calculating air delivery

Let’s say your room is 100 sq. feet in size, and let us multiply that with the room’s ceiling height of 12 feet, so that is 1200. Now we divide that by 2 and get 600. You’re looking for an air cooler offering at least 600 CFM. 


Before you buy, look around your room and take measurements. Find an air cooler that sits in the right place. You should be able place your tower cooler or mini cooler in such a way that its air flow is not obstructed. Zero in on the niches in various rooms that suit this requirement, and then identify an air cooler with the dimensions that will suit its designated spots in various rooms. 


Whether you have chosen a tower cooler or a mini cooler, ideally look for one that comes with an ice chamber. Most tower coolers come with this feature. In case you end up with an air cooler that does not have an ice chamber, you could work with freezing cold water instead. 


Using these selection criteria and tips, you can get your air cooler to cool your room far more efficiently. 


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