Security threats are there for everyone in today’s time. From middle-class people to rich celebrities, everyone feels anxious about their security. In such a scenario, keeping a firearm for self-defense is not a bad idea. However, this is not something that you can get easily. You need to attain a license and permits for using firearms. Nevertheless, you have to master your skills in using the firearm. You should know the safety aspects of using the firearms. For acquiring the Maryland Handgun Qualification (MHQ) license, you need to know the things mentioned above. The process of getting a license has been discussed in the following section.

What Is Maryland HQL?

If you want to possess a handgun in Maryland, you need to undergo some paperwork. The first step is to write an application for the handgun qualification license. Without having a license, you are not legally allowed to possess a firearm In Maryland. The Maryland Handgun Qualification License was not there before 2012. It was introduced after the infamous Sandy Hook mass shooting in the year of 2012. After the massacre, the governor of Maryland and the legislature of the state had introduced the legal terms and conditions for possessing a handgun in the state. According to the new law, only a licensed person in Maryland can possess a firearm. This license has been termed as Maryland Handgun Qualification license.

How to Get the Maryland HQL?

Getting the handgun qualification license in Maryland is not a difficult thing. You need to undergo training for attaining the license. For the training, you need to select a registered and certified institution. If you live outside Maryland, you are not eligible for applying for such a course. When choosing an institution for training, make sure that you choose an MSP-approved firearms training center in Maryland.

Training Duration and Other Details

Training Duration and Other Details

For Maryland handgun qualification training, you need to find a training institution first. The course is recognized as a short term training program. Hence, you do not need to devote a lot of time for the training. The course comes with 4 hours of demonstration in the classroom. During the course, many topics have been covered related to the uses of firearms. For example, you shall learn the law of keeping a firearm in Maryland. The course also helps the applicants to understand the process to apply for the license. After the end of the classroom studying session, each student shall get a session to shoot 1-2 rounds of a handgun.

LiveScan Fingerprints

Typically, LiveScan fingerprints are not included in the course. But, the process is associated with the course. For attaining the Maryland Handgun Qualification License, you need to have the Live Scan fingerprints. Without the fingerprints, it is not possible to obtain the license. However, there is an exception. If you have Maryland Concealed “Wear and Carry” permit, you can get the license for carrying a handgun without submitting your Live Scan fingerprints. It has to be noted that the fingerprints have to be submitted electronically through the approved LiveScan fingerprint providers. The overall process will cost you around $65.

Application Fee of the State

When you apply for a training session for a handgun qualification license, you need to pay the training fee to the institution. On top of the training fee, you have to make a few more expenses. The first expense has been already discussed above. It is the expense for submitting the Live Scan Fingerprints. The second expense is to pay a fixed fee to the state for the license. Every applicant for a handgun qualification license should pay an application fee to the state of Maryland. This fee is fixed at $50.

Who Does Not Need a Handgun Qualification License?


If you are a licensed firearm manufacturer, you do not need to apply for the handgun qualification license in Maryland. Apart from the manufacturers of firearms, many people have to possess firearms for professional reasons. For example, a police officer needs to carry a handgun or firearm. A retired policeman or security officer can also carry a firearm for his or her safety. Such personnel do not need to apply for the handgun qualification license. Apart from the mentioned ones, others need to apply for the MHQ license to purchase and keep a handgun for personal safety.

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