White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange is an innovation that has brought high efficiency and smooth transaction system to the cryptocurrency environment. A White Label software is deployed by businesses that want to capitalize from the increasing trading activities of various digital assets and build a profitable business. This software is developed by a software development company that carefully executes business strategies, tests, and launches the final product as a digital assets exchange where buyers and sellers engage with their own trading concepts . The company that purchases the program will easily configure it according to their own business prospects and strategies.

Some of the key benefits of employing the services of a professional white label cryptocurrency exchange development company are given here:

Save Time and Money

White label software has ready-made modules which eliminate the need to rebuild the wheel, accelerate deployment and reduce the development cost. Businesses can save the valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on time-consuming and expensive development processes.

Furthermore, white label exchange platforms have already undergone performance and quality tests in different phases of their development. Businesses need not have technical resources to review and oversee white label cryptocurrency exchange software–it is already pre-tested and adaptive to change and customization.


Easy to Customize

The flexibility and flexible architecture of the white label cryptocurrency exchange platform enables interface-related changes with no technological infrastructure intervention.

The exchange can be easily re-branded, which includes changing brand logos, user interface and design style, complementing it with a company’s brand identity and making marketing process more efficient.


Quick to Deploy

As noted earlier, the essence of white label crypto trading is market-ready, meaning companies don’t need to develop anything from ground zero. In a new environment simply upload, mount, and configure the exchange.


A Reliable Solution

The earlier copies of white label crypto exchange platforms delivered to businesses help the development firm gain feedback about the exchange’s performance and usability. Which means you’ll get a consistent set of features and functions.


No Technical Expertise Required

The already designed white label crypto-exchange software modules remove the need for organizations to have technical expertise or experience in managing and directing the development process.


Higher Returns On Investment

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions increase the potential which increases investment returns.

With all the above advantages, white label crypto exchange platforms are gaining enormous acceptance among companies around the world. There are however a few things to consider before embarking on a technology venture for white label crypto exchange.


The Inevitable Features Of All White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Service

  • Order Book with Matching Engine
  • Customer Management System
  • Document Management
  • System for KYC/Verification
  • Wallet Management System
  • Admin Console
  • UI/UX Branding
  • Block Confirmation tracking
  • ERC20 compatible


White label cryptocurrency exchange services providers are a great help in enabling organizations to launch their own exchange. Listed below are some of the best service providers for white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions.


How Espay-X Helps Me In White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

At Espay-X, with our white label crypto-exchange development services, we help you cut through the noise and take the lead. We leverage our experience and expertise in the crypto market to provide you with highly secure, feature-rich white label cryptocurrency exchange software tailored to your company’s brand requirements, which speeds up time to market and allows you to tap into the crypto market in jno time. The white label exchange platform is combined with the architecture of microservices, so designed to deliver the best performance and user experience.

While offering white label crypto exchange tools, we are also experienced in building a custom crypto exchange from scratch. We build a market-ready technology, driven by algorithms that execute your business strategies to help you achieve your business goals and drive tangible business benefits, whether you depend on us for white label solution or custom exchange cryptocurrency exchange growth. Here is what sets us apart from the rest of our competitors:

  • 100+ Dedicated IT Team
  • Banking Grade Security
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Flexible deployment models using containerization –Docker Swarm/Kubernettes
  • Concurrent transactions and high TPS (transaction-per-second)
  • Multi-threaded and non-blocking architecture for extreme performance
  • Crypto Arbitrage Trading
  • Fluid Trading Experience
  • Escrow Management
  • Atomic Swaps Support
  • Custom Smart Contract


So, How Does Espay-X Compare With The Rest Of The Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Companies?



Modulus has been providing financial software and hardware systems for over 20 years which keep global leaders and entrepreneurs ahead of the curve. Exchanges, brokerages, hedge funds, professional traders, financial institutions, and other organizations worldwide rely on our technology, reaching millions of users in 94 nations.

Modulus solutions are not generic: They tailor our products and services to suit our customers ‘ exact requirements. Our developers, engineers, and data scientists at Modulus are experts in Financial Engineering, High Frequency Trading, Trading Platform & Exchange Design and Development, High Performance Computing, Deep Learning A.I., and Predictive Analytics. Over over two decades, those have been our strategic strengths.

Key Comparison Between Espay-X & Modulus


Market Maker Bot TradingNo Bot Trading
HEX Trading EnvironmentCEX only environment
Trading View ChartsAI Enabeled Charting tools




B2Broker is a trading and infrastructure provider of crypto and foreign exchange (FX) solutions.

The company specializes in services and products related to B2B, catering for a wide range of clients from major licensed brokers, crypto exchanges, crypto traders, forex brokers, hedge and crypto funds and skilled managers.

Multi-Asset Liquidity (7 asset classes), Forex Broker Turnkey, Crypto-Exchange Turnkey, Crypto-Broker Turnkey, Crypto Payment Gateway, Trader’s Room (CRM), MT4/MT5 White Label, Money Management Technology, their software and facilities.

B2Broker, in operation since 2014, continues to generate increasing media interest in recognizing its famous range of ready-to-use technical solutions that allow brokers to save time and money on infrastructure projects that consume. The company operates from offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Cyprus with a total of 100 staff in Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Italian, Hindi, Persian, Urdu offering 24/7 support.

Key Comparison Between Espay-X & B2Broker


Custom Ownership SolutionsOnly White label Solutions
Crypto Arbitrage TradingNot available
3rd Party Payment Gateway SolutionOwn Payment gateway Solution



AlphaPoint is a financial and technology company partnering with Ibm, Red Hat, Coin Center, Hyperledger, and Intel. It has received many accolades, and is continuing to help businesses execute their blockchain strategy.

Service advantages:

  • Easy connection to KYC / AML, ETL, reports and other services.
  • Capacity — 1,000,000 transactions per second.
  • Integrates with banking, payment and payment gateways, as well as with 200+ national currencies.
  • Advanced risk control.


Key Comparison Between Espay-X & Alphapoint


Scalable HFT EngineFix capacity Engine
Crypto Arbitrage TradingNot available
All market coins and custom coins supportedOnly 100 coins supported



The New York-based organization, Shift Markets, has operated over sixty cryptocurrency exchanges, stands apart with their state-of – the-art services. The provider of white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions provides a multitude of services that include a robust and stable wallet network. A modern user interface, along with a well-built order and risk management system, lets the buyers push forward, their exchange of cryptocurrency. The multi-currency trading network they create is also enhanced with cold storage wallets built in.


Key Comparision Between Espay-X & Shiftmarket


Scalable HFT EngineFix capacity Engine
Crypto Arbitrage TradingNot available
Proprietary All service BotsNo Bots


Chain up

ChainUP is a service provider with Blockchain technology headquarters in Singapore. It was founded in 2017 and offers a number of key blockchain-based solutions including a global cryptocurrency exchange system, wallet service, and liquidity aggregation solution.

The project is funded by a team of experienced experts in the Blockchain and Fintech sectors who have held prominent positions. Likewise, it includes many renowned investors including MorningSide Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, etc.

More than 150 developers are involved in building the white label cryptocurrency exchange currently used by more than 300 customers worldwide, with a daily trade volume of more than $20 billion


Key Comparision Between Espay-X & Chainup


Scalable HFT EngineFix capacity Engine
Crypto Arbitrage TradingNot available
Affordable prices and partnership opportunityHigh prices and dependency



With high focus on the evolving crypto trading, Espay-X constantly strives to stay ahead of the market scenario to help businesses launch a comprehensive solution for traders. The white label cryptocurrency exchange development services at Espay-X combine market and technology expertise to build a seamless and profitable framework for your business.

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