The word ‘Ayurveda’ is a combination of the Sanskrit term ‘Ayur’ that refers to life and ‘Veda’ which means knowledge. It binds up our body elements with the forces of life. Although it was originated in India, it was later spread to Tibet and China through dedicated Buddhist monks. Ayurveda was formed on the idea that a person’s well-being depends on their own consciousness. Ayurvedic medicines block the chances of being susceptible to diseases by strengthening your immunity. For example, if you study the very common torex cough syrup benefits, you will learn that it is used to treat several allergic reactions associated with your nose.

Importance of inner balance: Ayurveda helps an individual to maintain a proper equilibrium within their body for the maintenance of health-related issues. It includes the utility of herbs, correct way of thinking, a balanced diet, and practices based on leading a healthy life. Similar to our fingerprints, we all have different levels of physical, mental, and emotional energy that constitutes our soul. If the balance between these energies is disrupted, our body metabolism gets hindered leading to the development of sickness. Once the root causes are recognized, any illness can be treated with ease. To live a happy life, one must always get rid of any kind of mental stress.

Ayurveda and western medicine: The western medical system relies on the usage of drugs and performing surgeries to remove any plague from a sick person. However, Ayurveda prohibits the intake of drugs as it makes your body weak from the inside. It focuses on the fact that when our stress will be minimum and proper energy flows through our body, no ailment can originate. There is a slight misconception regarding the fact that Ayurveda is completely against western medicine. It is more like an alternative approach that is used along with western medicine to make a patient stronger and rebuild their damaged cells.

Food habits: Ayurveda recommends that a person should avoid eating salty or acidic food. People suffering from anger issues and impulsive behavior can switch to vegetarianism as it can keep their nerves cool. It brings composure to their body. Oily food can cause excess fat to accumulate and increase your body heat. Junk food and adulterated drinks may act as poison for your liver. The lighter your food is, the safer you are. A bit of sweet and dairy products such as milk, curd, and cheese can be allowed in your diet.

Torex cough syrup: It is a special Ayurvedic cough syrup that tries to extract the mucus from your windpipe and reduce cough. The doctor will recommend the exact dose for you depending on the condition of your cold. Once the treatment begins, it is advised that you should not stop midway. Otherwise, the symptoms will haunt you again. Torex cough syrup for child consists of Diphenhydramine to get rid of allergies and sneezing. Some people might experience a bit of dizziness after taking the medicine.

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