A car accident is an event you do NOT want to get involved in. From injuries to financial losses and the psychological trauma- it’s a horrible thing. However, these things are bound to happen once or twice in your life, if not more, when you’re on the road. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s important that you immediately submit a claim to get monetary compensation. One of the key things in a car accident claim is to be able to prove that you weren’t at fault, and your lawyer will firstly ask you if there were any witnesses at the accident scene.

There are some straight-forward cases when you’ll be hit from behind and that driver will right away admit they were wrong, but in complicated cases, you’ll require extra pieces of evidence to make your case strong. If both the parties fail to bring witnesses and evidence, the case will end with both parties sharing 50-50 blame, and this is where the innocent party will be deprived of justice.


What Is A Dash Cam

In the absence of witnesses, you’ll need other ways to provide shreds of evidence, and there’s nothing better than having a dashcam that records everything that happened. This is a small video camera attached to the windscreen of the car and records everything that happens in front of you as you drive. These dash cams aren’t only used for recording videos of the driver and the whole scene, but they also record the speed of the vehicle and its location.
Most people have started to install dash cams in their cars and the reason is pretty obvious; they play a vital role in providing the much-needed evidence in the event of an accident, and they also are a great way of proving that the driver was not holding a phone while driving.


The Benefits Of Dash Cams

There are many incidents when a car would hit you and knowing that they were at fault, will run away to avoid the consequences. There are other cases as well where the liability is disputed and you need strong, concrete evidence to prove that you weren’t at fault. This is where dash cams play a significant role since they provide the full video of the collision.
Moreover, there are many insurance companies that ask their customers to put on the dash cams when registering with them, and many car insurers are also offering discounted rates for installing dash cams in vehicles.
There has also been an increase in fraudulent cases, where drivers deliberately press on their brakes in the fast lane to cause the car behind to bump into them. Usually, the one who hits from the back is considered wrong, and the other person wins the case. This is where dash cams can be of great help as they protect against such frauds.


How Can Footages From Dash Cams Assist in Accident Claims

You can suspect people of putting forth wrong statements, but cameras don’t lie. Video footages that capture a road accident, from either of the vehicles can greatly help solicitors or insurers to establish the liability in road accident claims.


How To Go About If You Have A Footage From Dash Cam

If you’ve successfully recorded a road accident of other vehicles, you should offer those parties the details you have to help them with the case, or you could just log on to the police portal and upload the video over there.
If you find yourself involved in such an accident, make sure you always check and save any footage or pictures taken by the dashcam. You should then immediately get in touch with personal injury solicitors in Scotland to get on with your case with all the evidence you have.

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