If you have met an unfortunate bicycle accident, you should focus on obtaining the medical facilities first. A person may suffer from different kinds of injuries due to an accident. People often think that bicycle accidents bring minor injuries. In reality, fatal bicycle accidents happen in Houston and other places. In some cases, loss of lives can also happen. For bi-cycling riders, specific lanes are there. But, that does not prevent hit-and-run cases on a few occasions. Reckless four-wheeler drivers invade the bicycle lanes. An accident occurs as a consequence. If you are the victim of such car lessens, you should claim compensation from the culprit.

Expenses after a Hit-and-Run Case

A person has to undergo many expenses after a hit-and-run case. In the following section, you can find some of the expenses of the victims.

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: If you are fortunate, you may have minor injuries after a hit-and-run case. In most cases, people succumb to major injuries after such accidents. Thus, the bicycle riders need emergency medical treatment. Through emergency medical treatment, a person’s life can be saved.
  • Damage to the Cycle: In a hit-and-run case, significant damage to the bi-cycle can also happen. Many bi-cycle users prefer advanced and expensive bicycles for commuting. The damages to the bi-cycle will lead to repairing or servicing expenses. Moreover, the bi-cycle may get damaged beyond repair.
  • Long-term Medical Treatment: After obtaining emergency medical treatment, the victim may have to continue the treatment for a long time. For such a prolonged medical treatment, the person has to make a huge medical expense. Along with physical treatment, one may also need mental treatment after a dreadful accident.
  • Plastic Surgery Expenses: In a hit-and-run case, a major injury can happen. Thus, the injury marks or scars will remain on the body of the victim for a long time. For omitting the ugly injury marks, one may need to undergo cosmetic surgery process. For such surgeries, one has to bear with a high expense.

Options for Claiming the Expenses

So, a victim of a hit-and-run case has to undergo many expenses. For dealing with these expenses, a victim has many options for claiming the money too. In the following section, you can find some options for claiming your expenses after meeting a hit-and-run case.

Claim Medical Expenses from Health Insurance Company

For all your medical expenses after a hit-and-run case, you can claim the money from your health insurance service provider. The claim settlement will happen according to your medical insurance coverage. If the medical insurance policy does not cover expenses for accidental injuries, you will not get anything from the health insurance company. However, most insurance policies cover expenses for the medical treatments due to an accident.

Claim Money from Bi-cycle Insurance Service Provider

Bi-cycle Insurance Service Provider

Do you have an insurance policy for your bicycle? If you have insurance coverage for the damages to the bicycle, you can claim money from the insurance company to repair your bicycle. In a hit-and-run case, bi-cycle may get significant damages. Thus, servicing and repairing costs will be high. Getting a good amount of money from the insurance company will help you to repair the bicycle at the earliest.

Claim Compensation from the Culprit

The third option for claiming expenses for your medical injuries and bicycle repairing is getting compensation from the person responsible for the hit-and-run accident. In most cases, the four-wheeler driver will deny responsibility for the accident. Thus, the person will not agree with your demand for compensation.

You need to collect evidence to compel the person to accept your compensation demand. If the person still denies any compensation, you need to prepare for filing a lawsuit. Personal injury claim settlement is a common legal dispute, and thus you can easily find professional personal injury attorneys. But, make sure that you find an experienced and specialized lawyer for dealing with such claim settlement.

Importance of a Good Lawyer

A personal injury claim settlement lawyer is required for winning the legal battle against the culprit in a hit-and-run case. However, the job of the lawyer is not restricted to dealing with court proceedings only. The Houston bicycle accident lawyer has many other responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities of a lawyer is making the client aware of his rights.

Many bi-cycle riders do not claim compensation after a hit-and-run case. They are not aware of their legal rights. Thus, a lawyer helps them to understand their rights. With the help of a lawyer, you can make an estimation of the compensation that you are eligible to claim. The lawyer will also help in collecting the important evidence.

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