transparent nighties for women

There are hardly any couples, who will say that their romance is as spicy as it was at the initial stage of their marriage or relationship, as the case may be. There are various reasons for the hindrance in the bedroom lives of the contemporary couple. The professional competition, work pressure, finances, and many more such socio-economic reasons have robbed the couples of their bubbling romance. Now, you cannot give up on your responsibilities, but you can surely do certain things to bring up that spice back to your life.

Transparent nighties for women

The most elegant and simple hack is sexy, seductive lingerie. if you are the wife, buy his favorite color lingerie and see how it stirs him up. Men, if you wish to sparkle the physical intimacy between you two, give her a sexy-looking lingerie set.

Lingerie stirs up both the wearer and the on-looker to explore each other, in a way nothing else can. There is a reason why every new bride packs a few sets of sexy lingerie pieces. The woman wearing it feels beautiful, seductive, and confident and her partner, seeing her, gets dipped in a whole new world of seduction.

Strip Games

Imagine a boring board game, none of you is fond of. Now add in a stripping rule to it. If he answers correctly, she strips and vice versa. If this rule can make a boring board game full of excitement, imagine what will happen when one of you completely loses.

Cuddles and Kisses

Another cute way to have a naughty end to the night is super cute cuddles and tons of kisses. Start with a soft peck on his cheek or her forehead and then kissing your partner’s face slowly with soft peaks and then slowly moving to the lips. No matter how tired he/she is, they will definitely not be able to resist you.

Change the positions

Many studies have concluded that one prime reason why one of the partners starts feeling fed up with sex is, sticking o one single position. If you are made to eat one single type of meal every night at dinner, obviously you will start hating dinners. The internet is flooded with vast knowledge about myriads of sexual positions, and you can keep on trying a different one each time.

At the end of the day, physical intimacy is something we all are excited about in the initial stages of a relationship or marriage, and slowly it starts losing its charm. It’s on the couple to always keep the fire in a relationship alive, by not surrendering to monotony and doing something new, though as simple as wearing a nighty for women cotton fancy combo which is sexy, every now and then helps to maintain freshness in it.

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