Get a smart doorbell for special deliveries

Over the holiday season, you might tend to be out and about more frequently than usual or wrapped up in a job that needs to be completed. When someone rings the doorbell to drop off an order you made online, you either can’t catch it straight away because you are not home or are right in the middle of something else. This is where a Smart Doorbell comes to rescue. You can see and interact with someone at the entrance, like most video doorbells, but smart doorbell goes a step further. Since smart doorbell is designed specifically for custom buttons to operate with smart home automation devices to enable activities such as unlocking the door and switching on the door lights, so when you are out and about, you can say hello to the delivery guy, let them know that you are going to open the door. They can leave the delivery inside, and then do it with a tap on the same phone. No flipping apps, it’s as simple as ABC! 

Treat the guests better

It is very common to run for the last minute shopping during the Holiday season. Thanks to your smart doorbell, you do not have to rush behind your guests, and you can welcome them in without being at the door. When they ring the smart bell, you can let them in from your mobile, and then they can sit back awkwardly until you get there! Well, this is not the case anymore. Now you can get a Neeo Remote (a limited model, a red-hot version) that’s not only beautiful but smart. The stylish 3″ touch screen makes it easy to play a holiday movie on a TV, start a playlist in the kitchen, change the setting, and even start a fireplace. For the first time, guests who are in your home, kids, and even your not-so-tech-savvy family members will take the remote and get the party started. It’s a blessing that keeps giving, and it’s one less thing you can get to do for others!

Keep it cozy and warm

One of the main conflicts in the house during the holiday season is clearly about temperature. When it is cold,  people do not want to put on a jumper, because of thoughts like: “I shouldn’t have to put on a sweater in my own home!” It’s a constant war, or at least it has been. Now you can adjust the temperature on your smart device schedule and operate with your voice assistants. You will only have to say a few words to Alexa or Google Home to change the thermostat to 71 degrees upstairs and get the job done. When you start cooking, and the heat level gets too high, the smart thermostat works automatically to get it down to a reasonable temperature. So no more sweaters for you and no more creeping down the hall to ask someone to adjust the thermostat down.

Smartly manage the festive lights

If you have some lighting in the yard, why not try some weatherproof on/off devices so that you can eliminate the need for manual control? You should add the same concept to your indoor lights and decorations, so that you have all the lighting protected, and you can optimize it without the need for manual feedback.

You can get a bit more adventurous on the lighting front after the party has begun. You can add smart strips and features along with iconic ambiance lighting so that you can set the tone for your party without having to raise a finger. Use of this is that you can develop lighting patterns to suit your needs and take advantage of colored bulbs to add some joy into the proceedings. Creativity is the only constraint for automating the decorations during the holiday season, so what are you waiting for? Get underway and see what other designs you could come up with!


By the way, you can automate your smart lighting so that your home looks well-lived while you take a well-deserved rest in the Bahamas. Take complete remote control on your mobile phone or software rituals, so you can leave your phone in the hotel room and detach for a bit. Either way, you can sleep better knowing that your house isn’t going to be pitch dark at night and an easy invitation to some opportunist robber.

This Holiday season, give yourself a little more ease physically and mentally with smart home automation devices from the best companies. Get smart with smart homes today!

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