Everyone deserves vacations to blow off the steam generated by putting in hours of work every day for months and years. Vacations refuel your soul and rejuvenate your energy levels, thus allowing you to carry on. What if the vacation week you’ve been planning and waiting for for a long time gets ruined because of an injury? Hopefully, no such incident shall ever happen to you, but you cannot rule out the possibility of holiday injuries, which are very common. In such an event, what should you do?


The Common Types Of Injuries On Holidays

Most people that seek sun are seen cutting their vacations short because of a mishap at the pool, or while playing at the beach, or sometimes even in a hotel. At Hamilton Douglas Legal, our solicitors have been dealing with a plethora of holiday injuries, which include head injuries or fractures bones caused by simple slips and trips. Sometimes, the cases are severe when a pool injury occurs, or while taking part in various water sport activities like jet skiing or scuba diving. Most British people are fond of participating in beach and water activities when they go abroad with their families, and this is why you must take care of all the health and safety measures. Injuries can happen because of the negligence of the activity providers if they haven’t properly fulfilled all the safety requirements.


What To Do In Case Of An Injury Abroad?

If you go abroad to spend a memorable time with your family, and you’re faced with any above-mentioned incidents, these are some necessary things you must do to get a claim for your injury:

  • If a mishap occurs, make sure your first action is to seek medical attention. Generally, the hotel you’re staying in will have their doctors and you should consult them. Moreover, all good beaches and pools have lifeguards supervising all the action, who can provide you with the necessary first aid.
  • Once you have consulted a doctor or any medical professional, you should now report the incident to the travel agency, the holiday provides, or the hotel where the mishap happened. If the injury you encountered occurred on a trip arranged by a travel agency, make sure you inform them so that they know and can inform others about it to prevent future mishaps.
  • It is also vital that you maintain a detailed record of the series of events that happened when the accident happened, and what followed after. Make sure you know some eyewitnesses that were present at the scene, take pictures, and note down all the events that you remember, which includes paying a visit to the hospital.
  • Lastly, once you get back home, immediately get in touch with the injury solicitors at Hamilton Douglas Legal and provide them with all the information you had gathered. Our personal injury claims calculator will estimate the value of your personal injury claim. We will then advise you about all the legal actions you need to take to ensure you get your claim.

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