HIWARE 16 Pcs Drill Brush Car Detailing Kit - Car Polishing & Buffing Pads Kit - Soft Bristle Power Scrubber with Extend Attachment for Cleaning Car Interior, Boat, Carpet Upholstery, Bathroom

Price: $16.99
(as of Jul 01,2022 23:01:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description



If you’re tired of the mud on your car and the dirt in the wheels, you feel like people will judge how clean your car is. You want to clean it immediately, but at the same time you find that you have to clean it by hand – it’s time to abandon your soft duster and upgrade to our professional power drill brush set!

Packaged Included:

1 X 4″ Yellow Hard Bristles Brush

1 X 4″ White Soft Bristles Brush

1 X 2″ White Soft Bristles Brush

1 X 4″ White Soft Bristles Ball Brush

2 X 4″ Orange Hard Flat Polishing Pad

2 X 4″ Orange Soft Flat Polishing Pad

2 X 4″ Blue Soft Wave Polishing Pad

2 X 4″ Woolen Polishing Pad

1 X 4″ Adhesive Suction Cup

1 X 6″ Extension Rod

1 X 11.8″ Universal Rod


Includes 8 pack polishing pads, perfect for car and motorcycle cleaning and polishing, leather seat and sofa, glass, car window and sun screens. Puffy sponges have different patterns. Wool pads are great for the dust.

‘Time Saving’ From Now!


2-inch brush and ball brush are designed for hard-to-clean corners and some dead ends especially for motorcycle and car trim door. Different shapes are used in different situations, and combining different brushes makes cleaning easier. Soft nylon bristles won’t scratch the leather seats and polished surfaces as you clean them, effectively but not violently removing dirt and mud spots. In addition, the extension rod and universal rod help to easily reach narrow areas.







Make Corners Easier To Clean

The Best Tool For Polishing And Waxing

Effortless, Massive Cleaning

ALL MODELS INVOLVED: There are 16 items in this set, including 2 kinds of 4-inch brush, a 2-inch brush and a ball-shaped brush. There are also 3 types of sponges with different texture, a self-adhesive disc, 2 extension rods. DRILL IS NOT INCLUDED.
THREE DESIGNS OF SPONGES AND TWO WOOL PADS: The set contains 6 sponges in three textures, different patterns fit on different surfaces to increase the applicability of cleaning. Combined with wool pads, they will be superb in all kinds of coat paints’ waxing, glass polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness.
VARIOUS SHAPES COPE WITH VARIOUS OCCASIONS: We offer three different shapes of brushes for several situations. The ball brush is perfect for cleaning wheels and mud. The 4-inch brush provide massive cleaning like the mud on the car and boat. The 2-inch brush can easily clean narrow spaces and crevices like glove box and cup holder, and is also very convenient for interior grime, stains and spills, saving manual scrubbing.
DIFFERENT BRISTLES, DIFFERENT USES: White and yellow bristles have different softness. The white one is soft, great for cleaning door trim, seat cushion, car mat, leather sofa, home decor or carpet. The yellow one is medium, suitable for tires, wheel gaps, tiles, grout and porcelain. With the right brush you can clean your car and stuff perfectly with little efforts. The nylon bristles will not scratch their surfaces.
2 ADDITIONAL EXTENSION ROD: Allow you to get into narrow spaces and hard-to-reach areas for a thorough clean including an attaching rod that can be twisted to any angle which can help you easily clean the underneath of the car without having to squat down and twist your posture to clean.

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