Finding the best employees for your logistics company in the United Kingdom can be daunting amidst uncertain conditions. Amidst these turbulent times, your same day courier UK Company may be suffering from losses. Many multi-drop courier UK companies are looking to cut expenses amidst COVID-19 due to revenue losses. Moreover, your European delivery and pickup services company may not afford expensive employees and looking to hire the best workers in your limited budget.

Whatever the situation is for your economy parcel delivery company UK, you need to hire a supply chain manager to make things smooth once again. There is a possibility that your supply chain manager might have resigned lately due to health issues or joined another door-to-door courier UK Company. You will soon feel the need for a supply chain manager in your firm because they play an important role in managing the logistics and supply chain operations to ensure your success.

Supply chain managers come in all sizes and shapes and skills. There is one person just right for your weekend parcel delivery company UK. The gap created by the leaving supply chain manager need t obi filled as soon as possible to bring company out of trouble. You want a competent person that can understand the gap between processes and benchmarks that can boost your revenues and change the game for you once again. So, let us guide you in this post how you can effectively hire the best supply chain manager for your large parcel delivery UK Company.

Supply Chain Managers Resources

Whether you look for a manager online or by using your existing network, there are plenty of ways available for you nowadays to find an able candidate for that position. For instance, there is the more general approach that can be used to find candidates in almost any other profession. This method relates to using keywords such as “supply chain manager” and using them on LinkedIn or Google to search for the right person.

However, there are other specific supply chain-relate resources available you can use to find your target employees. For example you can find employees who have six sigma certification and contact instructors online who teach these certifications to boost supply chain skills of managers. Finally, you may want to reach out to a nearby Fortune 500 or 1000 companies in the UK and hire the best supply chain manager for your event logistics UK Company.

Since large corporations often hire teams of savvy supply chain mangers to boost their revenues, you can also get in touch with these individuals to get more information about purchasing managers and how they were being hired to fill the gap. If you can talk or interact with three to five supply chain executives and managers in the target fortune 500 organization, they can provide you with valuable information regarding their hiring procedure and tell you the pros of hiring a manager at the right time.

Product Vs Process

One of the most important questions that many supply chain companies in the United Kingdom have is that whether they should always look for supply chain individuals who possess significant experience in the industry and the relevant certifications? For example, if you are running a food and agriculture logistics UK company, then you will preferably hire a supply chain manager who is experienced in running an agriculture company before. Hardly will you choose an ex supply chain managers of a shoes or cosmetics company in London who knows little about food and agriculture industry.

If you are someone who do not care about the background experience or expertise of supply chain managers in your specific niche, then the product vs. process questions should not be answered. The best strategy here is to meet the need s of your supply chain company and see which individual has the highest passion to bring your company out of crisis.

However, sometimes, the best supply chain managers are difficult to find and do not walk through the door every day.  If you’ve broadened your search to supply chain managers that have managed your size supply chain, then chances are that you might find a person with lean experience. This means that only you can better answer this question as to what kind of individual would suit your needs.

Promote from Within

If your company’s organizational chart shows that there are many competent individuals who have the right supply chain, marketing, and management qualifications but have no experience of managing such as parcel delivery firm in the UK, then you can pick one of those individuals to promote them to manager’s post and train them to quickly handle the new responsibilities. The game is on, make the right choice by choosing a supply chain manager who is ready to take you to the next level.

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