There are various different kinds of T-shirt printing available out there,

All of which are great for businesses who want to get their logos, messages, and artwork printed onto the T shirts that they sell. Four different kinds of T-shirt printing techniques are used for wholesale T shirt orders: screen printing, direct to garment print, direct transfer print, and cut and sew. Each different kind of T-shirt printing technique has its own different advantages, so when it comes to selecting the right, there are some important considerations to think about. These considerations will be discussed below.


Screen printing is the most commonly used method for T-shirt printing. It is often used as a method for mass printing on garments that are not designed to be embroidered or those that are not intended to be worn as casual clothing. T shirts that are made with silk or cotton fabrics do well with

. The screen printing process usually consumes more ink than other kinds of T-shirt printing, however, which can make it much longer or even more expensive, than other kinds of T-shirt printing.

Direct to garment print is another popular technique that many businesses use. This type of T-shirt printing works by taking the silk or cotton fabric and cutting it into sheets that can be fed through an automatic garment feeder machine and then transferred directly onto the t-shirts. After the sheets are produced, the printer then places the shirts directly onto the needed surface, such as a desktop computer. This method usually takes much longer than screen printing and can be a little more expensive than silk printing.


Transfer printing is the next most popular kind of T-shirt printing. This process uses a T-shirt stencil that is applied to the surface of the shirts that need to be printed. The stencil is created using printed images that are mounted onto a transparent vinyl t-shirt, then laid over the shirt’s surface. When the T shirt is washed, the screen is removed and the image is transferred directly to the garment. This is a very economical method, since it only requires a minimum number of prints to produce each individual shirt.

Screen printed silk is the most expensive and exacting kind of T-shirt printing. It usually contains three separate areas that are printed with ink that has been soaked in a liquid silk substrate. A screen printing machine applies the liquid silk onto the stencil area, where it is applied in quick succession. The screen is then removed once the entire shirt has been printed.

Many businesses utilize screen printing t-shirts for promotional purposes. They are great for large scale advertising campaigns, such as trade shows, sales presentations and company events. There are many custom screen printing companies that specialize in this type of T-shirt printing. These companies can create as many custom T shirt designs as you need, providing an endless amount of possibilities for promotional purposes. Screen printing services also allow the design to be printed on an as-needed basis, meaning that the printing company can create the perfect custom t-shirts quickly and without long delays. Furthermore, screen printed promotional materials are ideal for use in any sized trade show or sale.

When it comes to color options, there is a wide array of primary colors to choose from, as well as a wide variety of secondary colors that can be mixed into the primary colors for a more colorful appearance. Silk screen inks are available in almost every color imaginable, making it easy for businesses and individuals to incorporate colorful T shirt into their advertising efforts. Because there is a large variety of colors available, a custom T shirt design can match a wide array of existing company colors.


T-shirt printing with silk screening provides a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to showcase their creativity and marketing skills. Custom T-shirt designs created with the use of screen printing, plastisol ink will provide recipients with a high quality product that they can enjoy wearing. T shirt printing businesses can offer clients high quality inks that are designed by professional artists, ensuring that the end result will be a piece of clothing that they can be proud to wear. Plastisol ink provides an exceptional quality finish that ensures that the final product is not only unique and beautiful, but also protects the integrity of the materials used.

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