How To Keep An Eye On The Child's Screen Time With Hidden Screen Recorder

Screen has become the biggest escape of our generation. Nothing to do watch a movie, play a game, face time with the distant family or friend. A step further and we are giving these gadgets to the kids and teens.Young kids are interested in smartphones been given as busy parents are not attentive to know that mobile phones are not good for them. Teens have got their personal cell phones and tablets or laptops. With the internet, these gadgets are like time bombs. Because through the internet you have everything in the palm of your hand. With a few clicks, you can watch a violent scene from a movie or clip. With so many kinds of social media apps and portals, you can share any kind of media in any form with anybody.

So to make sure the child is not wasting too much time on screens as it is not good for health as well, parents need to take responsibility. One way to monitor teen screen time is to use a hidden screen recorder. One of them is to use a spy app. There are many types of spy app in the market which are built for all those parents who are worried sick for their children well being and safety. They want to provide a healthy and free environment for their child with the safety insurance. And OgyMogyis the name of the insurance.It is one of the best kids hidden screen recorder app. It offers different kinds of packages. You can select the desired one and can use it according to your choice. They support both the mac and windows system. Another important point is that OgyMogy offer an android spy version for smartphone users as well. Thus you can now track your child’s cell phone screen time too through OgyMogy.

Keep A Check On Their Internet Browsing:

The Internet has got all kinds of information and stories. Make sure your child is not watching any malicious content or have subscribed to any adult content site. You can use track Internet browsing history feature of OgyMogy to check all the websites visited by your child.Hidden screen recorder tells the detailed report with time stamp thus any late-night browsing will be immediately getting into your knowledge.

Record Their Screens:

OgyMogy allows the user to record the screen of the target persons cell phone and laptop or personal computer. The hidden screen recorder feature allows the user to monitor the screen activities in real-time. Thats right you can watch your child’s screen at any given time. You can also keep track of their activities by watching short videos recording or snapshots.

Know Their Online Friends:

Ogymogy has covered almost all kinds of social media apps like Face book, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. You can spy on imo and in any of the given names and many more social media platforms using OgyMogy. Thus if anyone is bullying or stalking your kid online, you will easily know that and can assure their safety without them knowing by blocking all the bullies and suspicious persons.

Read Their IM chats:

A lot of instant messaging apps are famous among kids these days. They use it for group chats, discussion, and entertainment purposes.To keep the record of all their chat history is a difficult thing. So OgyMogy provides you with an IM tracking feature through which you will know all bout the hot topic your kids are in to in the IM chats. What kind of media are they sharing in those apps etc? Thus you can make sure using that they are not involved in any kind of or mean argument or cyberbullying.

Keep A Record Of All The Installed Apps:

There are many kinds of app in the app store. It is necessary to keep records of the installed app in your kid’s phones.OgyMogy helps you to know all the installed apps in the smartphone providing track installed app features. So that any kind of suspicious app will be flagged right away and you can remove it from the cell phone of the kid.

Truth is cell phones or personal computers are now part of life we can not deny this fact so make better and smart use of the gadgets using monitoring apps like Ogymogy.







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