Hegen PCTO Express Store Feed Starter Kit

Price: $140.00
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Product Description

wide neck wide neck

breastfeeding breastfed baby babiesbreastfeeding breastfed baby babies Hegen Press-to-close Twist-to-open PCTO Innovation

Hegen aims to simplify and complement the nursing experience, ensuring babies get the best nutrients in their diet while enhancing the bond between mother and child. Hegen’s revolutionary, practical and multi-functional designs encourage a sustainable and hassle-free breastfeeding lifestyle, allowing mothers to carry on breastfeeding for as long as they want.

off center nipple

With Anti-Colic Vents

Exactly mimics how a mother’s breast is & promotes upright feeding to reduce gas and backflow.


Elliptical-shaped silicone nipple simulate a latching experience- allow baby’s natural flow motion.

anti colic

Wide opening for easy cleaning & stackable to save space due to it’s shape.



Press-To-Close, Twist-To-Open! No hidden corners helps prevents residues from accumulating.


NSF certified

BPA, BPS, PVC, PHTHALATES free. Odor free with high temperature and high impact resistance.

1 Off Center 2 Elliptical 3 Square Shape 4 No-Screw Thread Closure 5 Polyphenylsulfone

The Hegen Advantage


Airtight and leak-proof, the Hegen PCTO bottle allows you to Express, Store and Feed all within a single container, by easily converting from storage lid into feeding bottle. No more mismatch of thread-line that could cause spills and leakages. Customized breast pump adapters allows for direct storage of milk without any transfer of milk with different containers. This minimizes wastage, making every drop count.

baby bottle bottlesbaby bottle bottles

Hegen Accessories breast pump Manual Breast Pump

Lightweight and compact manual breast pump. Swap it for a collar & nipple or storage lid to convert our containers into a feeding bottle or breast milk storage.

storage Breast Milk Storage Containers

Available in 4 pack of 5oz or 2 pack of 8oz. Simply swap the storage lids on these containers for a nipple & collar to switch from storage to feeding.

lids Green, Grey, Pink, or White Colored Storage Lids

Breast milk storage lids sold individually. Available in green, grey, white, and pink. Use these color lids to stay organized on which breast milk to feed first.

gift Green, Grey, or Pink Collar & Transparent Cover

Additional collars and transparent covers are sold separately allowing mothers to seamlessly convert a storage container to a feeding bottle. Simply pair it with a nipple (not included).

baby Green, Grey, or Pink Spout

Designed to grow with your child, convert Hegen into a drinking bottle by simply attaching our spouts onto our containers. Perfect for toddlers or children transitioning from bottle to cup feeding!

adapters Adapter

Available in wide or standard. Compatible with most manual or electric breast pump. Swap it for a collar & nipple or storage lid to convert our containers into a feeding bottle or breast milk storage.

PRESS-TO-CLOSE, TWIST-TO-OPEN (PCTO )- Hassle-free handling with no spillage; one handed closure (Patent Pending). PRECAUTIONARY DESIGN: If the liquid in the bottle is too hot (above 70 deg Celsius), air pressure will force the fluid out from the sides. This works as a precautionary in case the milk is too hot for consumption.
MORE NUTRIENTS, LESS AIR- Air venting bypasses the milk, minimizing air bubbles & oxidation of nutrients. Built-in anti-colic air vent reduces air intake.
MIMICS A MOTHERS’S BREAST- elliptical-shaped silicone teat simulate a latching experience, making breast and bottle feeding combination possible. Off-center teat enables your baby to feed in natural upright position.
BPA, BPS, PVC, & PHTHALATES FREE- created with NSF certified PPSU that combines advantages of both glass and plastic material; lightweight & odor free; Shatter resistant and Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

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