Every woman understands the fact that cooking is stressful in most times.

However, having the necessary kitchen utensils in good shape can make things easier.

Most of the items in your kitchen are made of iron and they are take good care of, it can affect the durability.

It can also get contaminated and serve as gateway for germs. 

Today, our focus is on iron pots and knives, and how to keep them safe,  clean and enhance their lifespan.


How to maintain Knives

The blades of all knives end up blunt, rough and jagged irrespective of the brand or quality, says TechPally.

It is normal because every time we cut things with them, the blade is grinded and over time, they will not cut as expected.

To maintain your knives you will need at least one file. It is a kind of fluted metal stick, with a handle. 

When moving the knife through the file, the edge is maintained. 

You need to use the file when you pick up the knife before you use it to cut anything.

After use, wash it well, dry it, and put it in a place where other objects will not cause damage to the blade (for example, inside a case, on a bar, or a knife stump).

Also, you will need the file from time depending on how frequent you use your knife.

You can take your kitchen utensils to shops where such items are maintained and you can buy a file and sharpen your knives at home.

My recommendation is to have a sharpening stone, better than other metal blade sharpeners, which seem simpler but often do not give the desired results – healthpally boss advised 

As with everything, you have to practice. You can find videos on youtube about how to use sharpening or how to sharpen knives with a whetstone.

Do not sharpen saw knives. The mechanism is completely different, and if we do not know how to do it, we can end up destroying it without remedy. 

When in doubt, you can contact a manufacturer and see if they have this service.


How to maintain Iron Pans

You may have some. They are very heavy pans, without non-stick coatings and can eventually rust.

One of the good things about these pans (no rust, of course) is that when cooking acidic foods they transfer a small part of the iron, making those foods rich in this mineral. 

That is why it is usually advisable to make, for example, tomato sauces in them (they must be acidic preparations and with a medium-long preparation time).

Surface rust stains can be easily removed. 

We can make a soft homemade “sandpaper” with salt and a potato: you just have to put a good handful of salt in the pan and cut a long potato in half (so you can get a good grip).

With the cut side of the potato, scrub those parts with rust, collecting the salt. You’ll spend a while scrubbing, but it’s worth it. Then you just have to rinse it with water.

When there is more rust, you can use a metal or metal sponge pad. 

These can only be used on materials that do not have non-stick treatments, as they are very abrasive and take away the finest surface layers. 

A scouring pad and a little dishwasher are enough.

A little baking soda can be added to these processes if they are very old rust stains, but not in large quantities, says healthpally.

I do not recommend the use of vinegar because it is quite corrosive and we can end up with the pan very damaged.

Once clean, dry your iron skillet well with a cloth – do not let it air dry – and apply a very thin layer of Olive Oil all over the surface to seal it.


How do you cure an Iron skillet?

Iron pans need regular maintenance to prevent re-rusting and food sticking in them. 

For this, it is best to use oils such as olive, sunflower, or coconut.

Brush the oil with your hands over the entire surface and then wipe it with a piece of kitchen paper to remove the excess. 

And it will be much better if you put it in the oven at 250ºC for at least 15 minutes (the pan should not have any plastic or wooden parts). Then let it cool.

Every time you use it, remember to clean it with warm water and a little dishwasher, with a soft sponge, dry it well and put the oil on it.

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