If you want to pick up small messes and dry spill these cleaning tools make quick work, it can be so hard to choose which model is best for you but when see with a lot of choices in the appliance aisle. Before you make a decision ask yourself some questions about handheld vacuum also about stick vacuum.


A good and the best handheld vacuum provide so fast cleaning without a lot of heavy lifting and without hogging precious storage space for smaller messes. When it comes to a full and a deep cleaning these mini vacs do not replace a full-size canister vacuum, but they are handy for hard tackling dry spills and smaller messes, traced-in dirt, and stuck to just about everything even a pet hair. You might even think about more than one as they don’t just tackle messes inside your or outside home with handheld vacuums. To keep a workshop, garden bench, and your car clean, too Stash one in the garage is best.

Today’s modern cordless models have the best batteries to lift more debris and run longer than the wimpy models of many years ago. Easier grips, comfortable to empty dust cups, washable vacuum filters, and it includes multiple speeds and more other innovations. Some even pick up wet messes and erase stains, and whether they come corded vacuum or best cordless vacuum, those with small brushes and other attachments make it comfortable to remove dust from draperies, airy window sills, heavy door frames, mattresses, and other out-of-the-way spots and masses that may be awkward for a larger vacuum to reach.


Stick vacuums are the best tool for quickly and rapidly cleaning bare floors and low pile carpets when you do not have the time (or the energy) to lug out your heavier, full-size canister or upright vacuum cleaner. Lightweight stick vacs are the best one for cleaning up crumbs on the kitchen floor after someone doing dinner, gathering and collecting stray hairs in the bathroom, or quickly and fastly refreshing carpets and floors before some important guests arrive. They made great secondary vacuums — they usually are not as powerful and best or as effective at deep and quickly cleaning as your go-to vacuum, but they offer flexibility and comfortability that can’t be beaten.

In the Cleaning Lab of best Housekeeping Institute, our expert team is constantly checking and recommending a lot of vacuums, like, robot cleaning vacuums, handheld cleaning vacuums, cleaning vacuums for pet hair, cleaning vacuums for hardwood floors, and even budget-friendly cleaning vacuums under $100. Since no one vacuum is best for every cleaning need even the best robot vacuum. we recommend you to keep several styles in your cleaning vacuum arsenal and a stick vac should certainly be part of the mix. Based on our testing, these are the best stick cleaning vacuums you can buy.


Hand vacuums are not best for floor cleaning, but the stick vacuum is best and works well on both bare floors and carpeting. They would not replace your full-sized vacuum, but their motorized brush rolls can erase lightly embedded dirt from carpets. However, the brush roll may scatter debris and cause a lot of damage on bare floors, so look for an ideal model with the option to turn off the brush roll when you do not need it, or that has an additional brush roll you can swap out when vacuuming and cleaning delicate floors. Choose a stick vacuum if you want to clean under furniture because if you look for a lightweight model with a long wand (which can also help you to clean curtains) or one with a low profile or a swivel head that can get into tight spaces. Some stick vacuum can weigh as little as 4 pounds, but others over 10 pounds.

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