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Hair transplant in Turkey

Who wants to lose their hair? Baldness is a loss that bothers many people when one empathizes. Think about it, you had hair before, you look young and much more attractive in your old photos but now when you look at yourself in the mirror there is someone else in front of you.

The fact that hair loss is very common in men is not enough to normalize this situation or relieve the anxiety and sadness felt by the person who has lost their hair. Our hair greatly determines our appearance. It can make you look younger or older.

Turkey welcomes patients from all over the world every year to help them regain their hair with hair transplant treatment. Happy patients who come to terms with their mirror image also refresh their self-confidence.

What if we wondered why a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the top 5 countries in the world in medical tourist. And his success in the field of hair transplantation is known to all. Every year thousands of people prefer Turkey for hair transplant, arguably the biggest reason is patient satisfaction. With their experienced doctors and specialist teams, turkey has become one of the number one hair transplant leader in the world.

Whole process is thoroughly planned, before the operation, during the operation and after the operation. And this high quality at very reasonable prices and successful processing is carried out in Turkey.

What exactly is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is the treatment where people who have lost their hair for various reasons get their hair back with the restoration process by transplanting their hair follicles to the bald area.

Grafts generally adapted to the back of the head are used for root grafting. So a rebirth story is experienced, you have your own permanent hair growing from the transplanted roots.

FUE, for example, is the method by which hair follicles are taken from the donor area, above the neck one by one, and transferred to the recipient area.

In the FUT method, a certain tissue line is taken from the nape area and a transplant is done to the recipient area, with this method, a visible scar is left on the nape area. The biggest advantage of FUE is that this scar is not left behind.

Since the roots are taken one by one and planted one by one, a much better result is obtained compared to the old methods and the most natural view can be obtained. The method is suitable for everyone, and heals much faster.

The operation is easier and painless. It is easily performed under local anesthesia.

The intervention time can last a little longer because the roots of the hair are taken one by one and planted one by one. The advantages of this method, which gets rid of the scar, are so great that it is more than worth to endure this long period of operation.Once the process is completed, you will have a successful planting, a scar-free head and new hair. hard to lose.

DHI is the process of implementing this method using a pen.

Before the roots are taken in FUE, small insicions are made in the recipient area so that the roots can be planted here. In the DHI method, an insicions is not carried out beforehand.

The roots taken with the micromotor are implanted directly on the recipient area.

Which method is the most advantageous? FUE or DHI?

Very similar results are obtained from a hair transplant performed with the DHI and FUE methods. For this reason, the first two most preferred methods in hair transplantation are DHI and FUE methods.

DHI is a method we usually use to get more density and frequency in the small areas that need to be filled.

This is a very important advantage. Because sometimes we can apply the FUE and DHI method at the same time, especially in large areas to be filled.

Is Hair Transplant Operation Dangerous?

The hair transplant operation is not a dangerous operation but it remains an aesthetic operation, it must be performed by experts.

Sometimes a little neglect can cause serious problems. But more importantly, the results of unqualified people can turn into an aesthetic disaster.

Does Hair Transplant Have Harmful Effects?

Under healthy conditions, it is a light operation where the person can easily go about their daily life if performed under the supervision of a doctor by a specialized team, but hair transplantation by random people in random environments not suitable for surgery can cause serious problems. The patient can become infected and as a result very sad results such as existing hair loss can surface.

Surgeon may encounter unwanted conditions such as edema and inflammation of the hair follicles. Therefore, the conditions under which the operation is performed are very important.

How long after hair transplant do we see results?

At least 15 days are needed for the transplanted roots to hold. After maintaining the roots, results can be seen within 6/12 months depending on the normal growth rate of the patient’s hair.

The roots of the hair and the scalp are very delicate. If enough care is taken in this process, the first results are visible within 6 months. Of course, it may take a little longer to see new hair in the length.

But this process is generally very pleasant. It is a beautiful feeling to see your hair growing back in places that were once hairless.

Finally, why is a hair transplant cheaper in Turkey?

Because labor is very cheap in Turkey compared to Europe or America. Cheap labor brings down the cost.

When you compare with Europe you have to pay an average of 4500 euros for maximum grafts with the FUE method, the same transaction in UK has a price range of £ 5000, in US which can go from $ 6,000 to $ 11,000. While hair transplant in Turkey is only 2,000 euros. There is a very serious price difference, but no difference in quality and patient satisfaction.

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