Cosmetic Injections

When you get old you start noticing fine lines and wrinkles around your face, mouth and lips. The lips get thinner as you age, and your smile seems lifeless and strange. Having a few sessions of cosmetic injections can help you to soften those lines. Lines around your mouth, lips and beside the eyes start to vanish after having this treatment. 

In this blog, you will come to know a few things about cosmetic injection treatment. So read this blog carefully.

How Does It Work?

Loss of fat cells around the face is common as you grow old. As you smile, your lips and face get stretched. It loses volume. Leading a bad lifestyle such as drinking and smoking affects the health of your skin. As a consequence, wrinkles start to appear on your face. Cosmetic injection contains collagen. Collagen can help to rejuvenate the skin when injected into the face. 

If you want to iron out the laugh lines and wrinkles on your face, your cosmetic surgeon will provide cosmetic injection around the face. The session can take about a half an hour to complete successfully.   

When Will You Notice The Results?

This treatment is quite effective and you will get results after a few days after you get the treatment. People are satisfied with the results and more people are looking forward to cosmetic injections

How Many Shots Do You Need?

If you think that you will get wrinkle free skin after one shot, then you are absolutely wrong. You may need to visit the clinic multiple times to get the desired results. Sure, you will notice that the fine lines and wrinkles are gone after the shot, but the effect will not last for a long time. Results can last from three to five years, depending on the injections that your surgeon is using. 

How to Maintain Your Skin after the Treatment? 

You do not have to provide any such effort for maintaining your skin. Your cosmetic provider may advise you to stay home for most of the time, particularly during the day. And skipping difficult workouts is essential. 

  • You should apply sunscreen whenever you move outside during the day. 
  • Apply top notch products on your skin. 
  • Control your weight.

Bottom Line

These are some of the things to expect during your first appointment. You can visit Dermedica for an appointment with a well-known cosmetic surgeon. 

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