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If the window blinds and shutters that you want to buy are not within your set budget then you have trouble in deciding for several things. But when you search the internet; you will find that many window treatment companies provide their clients with a wide variety of window coverings that specifically include waterproof outdoor shades. These shades are especially vital because the climatic changes are making the weather violent; so protection is important.

These window treatments not only increase the beauty of the property but also safeguards the house or business from the extreme weather and the attack of dangerous insects. Don’t worry about the installation as the expert team can install the blinds in the designated time.

Here are some of the best outdoor blinds and shutters for your homes:

Ziptrak Blinds

These blinds are made keeping in view of the Australian weather and its demands. They are mostly installed in coastal locations prone to high and heavy winds because of their strong and robust design. Because of their strength, owners enjoy outdoor entertaining space more. Ziptrak blinds are considered the strongest in the market and can easily endure harsh weather than other competitive brands.

These blinds are easily operated and provide protection from wind, dust, bugs, and also maintain the temperature. The reason for its preference is that is low in weight and the mechanism of opening and closing is easiest. Also, they look perfect in the patio, front, back yard, and carport. Another perk of choosing this is that the material used is the strongest because the weather and heat can damage the ordinary outdoor shading material.

Roller Shutter

If you are looking for a window treatment that has the most convenient operations then the roller shutters should be your choice. Different mechanisms are used to roll them up and down which specifically includes cranks and sometimes ropes and cords. Although the operation is easy a manual can make things easier.

Various materials are used to make the shutters that are able to protect the property from the harsh weather of Australia. The manufacturers including Outdoor Blinds Southwest provide excellent shutters with the best material quality. Also, you can enjoy the outdoors but at the same time be safe.

Louvre Shutter

These are another type of exterior shutters which are easily operated and provides protection from the outside. The Louvre Shutter have their origin in the Middle-Ages that were installed in the kitchens and other rooms to prevent rain, snow, and wind from the outside.

Today the material used to make the modern-day Louvre Shutter are glass, wood, aluminum, and metal. A rode is used to connect all the shutter parts so that they can be opened and closed at the same time.

These kinds of shutters are the best option for you if are living in a location where the weather and other natural elements are at their extreme. This shutter is the perfect solution if you are worried about the security of the place.

When compared with other window treatments; this is the most durable as the materials used are coat with enamel that is the best to protect the property from rain, wind, dust, and fire.

Retractable Pergola

Pergolas have been designed to provide ultimate coverage and comfort all year long. As Australian weather can get changed unexpectedly at any point, thus retractable pergolas are best for such inevitable conditions.

Experts have several reasons as to why the pergolas are preferred in the place of the awning. The awning can get blown away in the windy weather. But the Retractable Pergola stay in their place as it is bound by all sides by a folding arm mechanism.

The pergola is fixed in the ground with the help of a post; which makes it difficult for the pergola to move when the wind is extreme. You can select the Retractable Pergola in sizes that include Star, Arch pergolas, and Vertex.

Shade Sail

The shade sails are the most favorite of all outdoor solutions as a single shade can cover a large area. It is best for both commercial businesses as well as homes. The educational institutes are the businesses that have the best use; especially in the playgrounds.

The material used has to be strong and durable so that it can resist the harsh weather and last longer. Also, the cost of the shade sails has to be affordable because at times can’t afford to change the shades regularly.


The best benefit of these shades is that it protects not only things but also people from the scorching heat. The extreme heat can cause serious health problems. But the shade sails protect from the heat as summers are at their extreme in Australia.

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