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Air conditioning is attained by developing the principles of rotating air in ducted ventilation systems by sending a number of physical and scientific processes that surges indoor air quality. The system consists of refrigerant pipework, indoor/outdoor units, control, condensate pipework, etc. to form a complete system. The external condensers are located outside the main bicentennial building, in an area where noise emission needs to be kept to a minimum.

The Expansion Valve is another vital part of the air conditioner system; the role of the valve is to convert high-pressure liquid to low-pressure liquid. Next in the number is the Evaporation, here in this section the low-pressure liquid again goes through an evaporator coil where it soaks heat from the room and changes from liquid into gaseous form. This is the only process that happens in the indoor unit where all other occurs in the outdoor unit (in case of split ACs).  Just like other electrical home appliances, your AC also requires regular service and maintenance, so when as a consumer, you make a call to these service providers for AC service, which can even be achieved by ac care India.

If you ever have the query of why your air conditioner needs the service to solve, you have to understand the working and operation of a typical air conditioner. In general, an AC collects dust and debris present in the surrounding during the process, which after some time, prevents it from cooling properly. So whether you own a best window AC or a split AC, it’s essential to get its serviced regularly to ensure a trouble-free performance always. It not just improves the efficiency and performance but also helps you ensure there are no problems inside your AC, and every part of the AC is functioning appropriately. Avoiding the regular AC services can cause several problems inside an AC like water leakage from AC, AC not cooling, to machine making the noise and others. All of these problems can be prevented by regular AC service and maintenance.

What is included in AC service

During the operation of the air conditioner, an air filter collects the humongous amount of dust and dirt during processes. The dirty present in the air causes problems like ice formation, and hence the cooling system gets affected. During ac care, the technician washes and cleans all necessary components like the air filter of the system. The condenser fins are also rinsed and cleaned for any molds and dust build up during the process of service.

Along with that, condenser and evaporator coil also being cleaned for dust and dirt, because they are the core enemies of the entire system as they cause overheating inside of the system. In case of a split air conditioner, which has the condenser’s coils located in the outdoor unit, during the service of such systems cleaning the dust and molds from the condenser and evaporator fan blades being done. In a split type, the condenser fan is also located at the outdoor unit. So the serviceman has to check for if the water is dripping or pooling anywhere in the group during the process of service. He also looks for the weather if there is any leakage from the pipes and tubes inside the unit.

The maintenance service can also be available by making a visit to the nearby care ac or a c care of your manufacture or making a phone call to the ac care solution because all the manufacturers understood the requirements of this service domain and hence have planned their business model accordingly. The maintenance service has a higher contribution to their revenue, and since this ultimately adds value to their product and business. Hence, manufacturers provide a dedicated helpline and support team for this section.

In the air conditioner, the refrigerant gas that goes from gaseous state to liquid by compression and then again changes its state back to the gas by absorbing heat inside the room. That goes through the process of refrigeration, which has been divided into four major parts, compression, condensation, Evaporation, and finally, the Expansion. In the process of compression, the gas is pressurized and changed into a high-pressure liquid. Condensation is the process in which liquid flows through a coil where that high-pressure hot liquid refrigerant is being changed into a refrigerant liquid by exhaling the extra heat into the outside area; this is the part where coils are being used mostly.

The Expansion Valve is another important part of the system; the duty of this valve changes into high-pressure liquid to low-pressure liquid. Next in the segment is the Evaporation, in this section the low-pressure liquid goes through an evaporator coil where it soaks heat from the area and changes from the liquid to gas. This is the only process that happens in the indoor unit as well as in the outdoor unit.

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