The healthcare sector has a business face to it and understanding this fact has churned out many benefits for the physicians who now run a successful practice. However, not every physician is well aware of these business-related facts and chances are most of them are completely unaware of the reimbursements they are entitled to for their services. 

Listed below are some of the fundamentals for the documentation and reimbursement of gastroenterologists. All the reimbursement calculations have been done using Relative Value Units (SUVs) for every service. The services can be further categorized based upon three factors: the work value of the physician, the cost of malpractice, and the expense of the practice. These factors are summed up and multiplied by a standard conversion factor. The Centre assigns the conversion factor for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); the final result is the national physician fee schedule. A percentage of additional charge is also levied based upon the geographic location of the medicare. The final charge for every medicare service is decided by both the conversion factor and the charges imposed due to the geographic location. 

You need to demonstrate medical necessity. If you fail to do so, then the payers may deny a claim, recoup any previous claim, or deny the authorization and authenticity of a lab test altogether. For approved diagnosis codes, commercial payers often choose for local coverage determinations. Listed below are some of the key services that most gastrointestinal billing businesses provide:

Evaluation and management services

To support an initial visit to any patient, three criteria must be met by the physician; the history of the patient, the examination or the diagnosis performed on the patient, and further planning for the treatment. For patient visits, there are three levels of service and for office visits, there are five levels of services. The levels are decided after the visit and after proper documentation for each level has been produced. Auditors often come across the difficulty of the visits being chosen by the guesstimate of a level. This results in choosing either a higher or a lower level of service than the actual level of service provided in the visit. 

Some providers mention that the E&M services are not particularly important as the procedures are a significant source of revenue for practicing physicians. But, a gastrointestinal practice is heavily visit driven and the initial visits itself are worth more than some procedures. The E&M visit is essential for medical necessity for any additional diagnostic or treatment service. The importance of E&M services must not be undermined. They are crucial for the successful treatment of the patient. 

Endoscopy and procedural billing

In procedural billing, medical necessity must be established to get the charges for what was done gastroenterologists often use different techniques when treating the digestive tract. There are different areas in the tract, and each area demands a special kind of treatment. So the documentation must also be comprehensive about these spots that are being treated and the different sets of procedures and instruments used while treating the tract. Especially when treating the colon or simply cleaning it of impurities, there are different types of instruments used. The endoscopy report documents all these and is created by the physician. Any miss or failure to include any clause is billed to the physician. For successful documentation, the team approach is the best way. Physicians must be in touch with the coding staff. This ensures that everything has been logged on while adhering to the policies. Any changes made to the procedure must also be documented instantly as this reduces the scope of error. 

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