Gable Boxes

Delicate and fragile yet expensive gifts demands extra care for packaging purposes, and due to that, the Gable boxes are being used. They are made of superior quality materials like kraft, cardstock, corrugated stock, etc. They are customized according to the shape and size of the packaging material. They can be printed by using modern and advanced techniques which do not affect the durability of the boxes. Businesses and other merchandisers are availing of these packaging boxes so that they can present their gifts in an adorable way.


Sturdy and Hard Nature

The luxury gable boxes are manufactured from the best and the superior quality of materials like Eco-friendly kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux board, and cardstock. Such manufacturing materials provide strength and rigidity to the package, which in result helps in the effective holding of the desired item, whether it is a ring or bangles, or earrings. These materials are not only resistant and provide protection against external factors like humidity, heat, and moisture but also recyclable and biodegradable. This means that they protect the items from getting damaged as well the environment because of their sustainable nature. They are used again and again and then recycled easily.

The packages made out of cheap materials do not have enough robustness, so they cannot help in the effective holding or carrying of these items and displays a very bad image of the product. Other than this, materials like plastic are no doubt sturdy, but they contribute to the factors like increased pollution and global warming, due to which the boxes manufactured from plastic are not being preferred by audiences and retailers as well.

Addition of Placeholder

The gable boxes provide so many options of alterations and modifications in shapes and designs Apart from the shapes, you can also go for the die-cut window designs through which you cannot only show off these fancy gifts items but that too in a protected way. The window is covered with a transparent sheet that is attached to the box through the strong adhesive to ensure that the dirt, dust particles cannot get access to the package

There is also an option through which you can opt for the custom placeholders inside these boxes. These placeholders help in the placing of the multiple gift products in the same box and that too in a secured way. The bottom of such boxes is covered with soft foam and layered with some fancy fabric like velvet or silk. This provides a softer base on which these delicate items can be placed. These features help in keeping the gifts stay safe and protected in the gable packaging boxes.

Perfectly Sized Box

The option of wholesale gable boxes helps in saving a lot of money because through this; you can get avail of the packages in bulk quantities and that too at economical prices. This means that if you are a small business owner or a retailer that does not have a vast budget, then it is completely fine because you can still get ahold of these boxes in large numbers at an affordable price range. You can avail of them in custom sizes according to the requirement of your packaging product. For example, if you want to encase an engagement ring, then you can go for a small size of the box, or when you wish to pack the bangles, then you can get a comparatively bigger size of the box. This way, opting for the appropriate size of the box helps in the perfect and excellent encasement of the desired items.

Protective Finishing Coats

If you want to get luxury Gable boxes, then you can use premium and top-notch finishing options like matte lamination, glossy lamination, spot UV, metallic silver or gold foiling, raised ink as well as the debossing or embossing techniques, etc. These finishing options not only change the outermost appearance and the texture of the box but also make it more rigid and durable. For example, the spot UV helps in making the package more water-resistant while it displays out a gleaming appearance of the box. Other than this, metallic silver or gold foiling option is also available that can be opted for according to the nature of the packed item. Such coatings help in keeping the gifts products safer as well as alluring. These boxes display a beautiful and luxurious image of packaged fancy and expensive products. 


The Gable boxes are boxes that either come with the attached or the separate lids so that they can provide effective protection to the packed items. Businesses are using these boxes because they are available at cost-effective prices through which they can save a lot of money while providing luxury gifts in the same high quality of boxes.

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