Trading CFD offers a wide range of assets including markets and assets. Since CFDs are quite flexible and are offered through direct contacts with brokers, the range of bases becomes more diverse than ever. This gives the traders more means of creating a better portfolio that is exposed to a wide range of markets. What markets are really traded with CFD? How does CFD give benefit to traders looking for a better means of investment?

CFD Trading Markets

  • Shares
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Bonds
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Forex


What You Can Trade With CFD

Contracts for Difference (CFD) can be used to trade against a number of markets that are not usually accessible in other trading instruments. For instance, you can trade CFD on FTSE 100 shares or FTSE 100 index. Commodities such as gold and rice can also be traded in CFD or currencies, bond rates, and interest rates, anything of similar trades. This has resulted in wider trading options through the help of a reputable broker.

What is a Market in CFD?

Markets are trading mechanisms used in CFD in which the trading happens. They are like a notional meeting place in which instruments are being sold or bought at a particular degree of liquidity where prices get adjusted according to the demand. During instances in which the demand for an instrument increases, the price also rises to help in establishing the value of the instrument at some point in time and vice versa.

In the market, traders are allowed to speculate on the price value which can then result in gains or losses. Based on this reason, buyers can follow the markets that are doing well anticipating that the demand will rise, and at some point in time and the contract can be sold at a much higher price.

What is the use of markets in CFD?

Originally, markets are created to provide merchants trading abilities in a quick and fair value. Unlike when personally negotiating orders against customers and dealing with the terms and conditions of the customs, the market allows both sellers and buyers to coordinate and come up with a certain price, opening trades and ending it under certain price speculation.

Most Commonly Traded CFD Markets

CFD on Shares

Most of the time, shares are traded on CFD as this market is already tried and tested for so many years and is proved to have a good source of profit. Since there are diverse markets to choose from when trading CFDs, it is being used to trade shares in a much larger volume especially due to its inherent leverage in every transaction.

CFD on Indices

Another widely used in CFD is the indices which also include the global stock markets. Some brokers are reliant on the index when writing up CFDs. This trading instrument must be linked into a price tracking market and these markets come from different bases.

CFD on Commodities

Other than shares and indices, CFD can also be traded in commodities. Traders can trade important commodities such as steel, oil, wheat, or soya. These are highly volatile markets when it comes to investment and speculation purposes.


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