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When it comes to makeup, there’s always something new on the market every day. Products you used to love may be gone after a season if they don’t do well, while trusted brands keep the popular products on shelves forever. The packaging might also change, as well as the formulation, for several reasons. Due to all these reasons, it’s important that you’re always looking for the best makeup products out there.

On your next makeup haul, do these:

Look Online


You want the latest products on your skin, to make sure their formulation uses the most advanced studies, but where do you look? Thankfully, because of the high competition in the skincare and makeup industry, most brands spend a lot on advertising. This means that a quick online search can already show you ads of the latest products your favorite brands are trying to market. Be careful with the product you choose, of course. Seeing a product everywhere does not always mean it’s the best product out there. They might just have more to spend on marketing.

Go on Social Media

Your friends and favorite influencers may know products you haven’t discovered yet, and if they are satisfied with the product, they will most likely talk about it on social media. Your own social circle is the best source of information because they can give you a real review of the product. Because the information comes from someone you know and trust, you will be more willing to try a product they recommend compared to a product that a stranger recommends. And with that said, look out for the tags saying that the brand your favorite influencer is endorsing is an ad or sponsored content. This will help you determine if their recommendation for you to buy a certain face mask online is genuine or not.

Check Your Favorite Brands


It’s one thing to chance upon your favorite brand when you’re browsing online, and it’s another to look at their website and browse through their catalog with intention. By doing the latter, you’re able to see some of their hidden gems–the products that they don’t spend marketing money on, but are great products nonetheless. These products may include the ones you’ve been looking for elsewhere and couldn’t find, or they could be new ones worth trying to see if they can replace your more expensive favorites. Because they’re not heavily advertised, the markup on their price might not be too much, and the reviews about them might even be more genuine.

Inspect the Product Packaging


The products you buy will show the expiry on the packaging, as well as the place where they were manufactured. This gives you an idea of when and where they were made. This also helps you see the ingredients list, and compare them with other items on the market. If one item is better for your skin because of its ingredients, that should also be your cue to switch products.

You may feel attached to the brands that have worked well for your skin in the past, but when they phase out the makeup you’re used to, it’s time to look for better products. Make sure you’re looking in the right places when you do so.

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