If you are satisfied with the existing layout and need a fresh coat of paint or new plumbing fixtures and modern hardware, you can shake hands with bathroom remodeling in Broward County. On the other end, whether you are planning a modest bathroom or significant repair, you should always make sure to start with the minor fixes and finally manage the significant renovation work. 

Think About Your Storage 

Your choice of sink and vanity can affect the existing storage and counter space in your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you can go with a traditional silhouette. But it may have no vanity, which offers a limited counter space. 

Pick Porcelain

Cement and tiles go hand in hand, but they are sometimes costly since they are more complex and expensive to install. Most people choose porcelain since it is a premium material. Porcelain is prone to get affected by acids and detergents and requires occasional treatment. For affordable, high quality, and easy to maintain surfaces, you should always choose porcelain. The most challenging grades are practically stain proof, and you can choose your desired tiles for bathroom remodeling that can portray the look of handmade ceramic. 

Include A Window

One of the main enemies of a clean bathroom is humidity. Excess humidity in the bathroom can promote the growth of mold and mildew. However, a good bathroom fan will make a difference. You can add a window in front of the shower to expel the air out of the bathroom. The window will act as a natural ventilator and will allow natural light to enter the bathroom. This makes the bathroom aesthetically beautiful and functional as well. Plus, having a big window in your bathroom reduces your electric consumption as you will have abundant light in the bathroom because of the window. Note, you should bend the shower window downwards so water drains off quickly. 

Keep Fixtures In Place 

Consider using cast iron rather than PVC plastic if you want to change the main drain pipe. It might be outdated, but you will not be able to hear the whooshing sound of flowing water. You don’t have to put extra lines if you want to install new sinks, tubs, toilets, or showers. 

Final words 

If you are looking for a company that can remodel your bathroom, then you can consider contacting Plumbing in Miami. They provide bathroom remodeling in Broward county. They also provide after-hours service for every client.  

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