Features you must remember during Android App Development

The triumph of any application depends on the feedback of the users. Android has a huge fan base, and this has led to the popularity of various Android Applications. One of the critical factors that invite and accelerate the web traffic to your mobile application is remarkable features. So you would be glad to know that the market shares of android are approximately 85.9% across the globe. Maybe this could be the reason that the mobile app development companies  have to renew custom and offer a massive scope of up-gradation for their huge fan base. While creating an android app, there are certain essential features that one should remember. Check out this article, you can read about the various exclusive features that might make your Android App a hit. Please read this blog to know more about it.


Simple and easy user interface

One of the most vital points is to keep your android app as simple as possible. It should be simple, user friendly plus classy. Not everyone is technically enriched, and so it is crucial to make your app less complicated to seek more attention. Most of the users do create an image of an application within a few seconds, and so the design of your app should not be complicated or chaotic. The users often feel annoyed if they are asked to wait too long, and so it would be an advantage to add a shortcut in your app also.


Uncomplicated registration or login page

Almost every application asks their users to register through either their email ids or mobile numbers. Also, the users are expected to fulfill the form of credentials. However, the registration page must be simple enough to be understood by the users without any unnecessary chaos.


Promotion via social media 

The most innovative and efficient ways to promote your app is by using various unique social media marketing tools. You can also try to connect to social media and grab the attention of the audience by creating a page of your app on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.


Quick loading tenure 

Many of the applications couldn’t be a blockbuster because of their low speed as the users often lose interest and find it frustrating. The users usually prefer applications with quick response and fast functionalities. The loading speed of the app should not exceed more than 10 to 15 seconds.


Offline mode is necessary

Probably it is not possible to get the internet connection everywhere anytime, and so your android applications must be able to proceed to the internet connection.

With offline mode. The users could easily use the app when there is no in


Make it compact and better 

Users do complain that they do not have sufficient storage space and so they are unable to store their essential data. You are supposed to curtail the size of the app and make it as compact as possible. 


The article talks about the various features that one should include in your application to make it productive and popular. To create an impressive application, you might need to hire any renowned, acknowledged, and prestigious mobile app development company like Auxesis Infotech. The efficient team of the company is always present to help and guide you.

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