Electronic pet doors, which promise safety from intruders and other animals getting into your homes are becoming common in more and more homes around the world, and for that reason, many pet companies are manufacturing them today. Companies such as Petsafe ®, High Tech Pet Products, and some others are brands where you can find a range of models for electronic pet doors and these brands are in stiff competition for your business. Some are designed flawlessly, and some fall short of measuring up to the standards.

  1. Two features that tend to be lacking and have to be carefully analyzed before buying your pet doors are insulation and security. Be sure when buying your electronic doors if they come well insulated. Unless you live in a place that has very pleasant weather throughout the year, if your doors are not insulated properly, you’ll be unhappy with them once the cold and wind make an appearance. Electronic doors basically have varying insulation factors, from being too badly insulated to having a foolproof airtight sealing system that they hold out bitterly cold weather.
  2. buying electronic pet doors, if the variant in question is an electronic flap model, be sure that if set in auto mode, they lock in the inside to the outside direction. Many electronic flap doors feature manual locking features, but don’t auto lock in this direction, with the theory that the door has to lock from outside to inside to keep other pets out. However, there’s no point to lock them in the inside to outside direction unless you especially wish to lock your pet in for some reason. If you intend to lock your pet inside, you may go for manual locking. If you give thought to it, you’ll easily identify the flaw in this reasoning. Any intruder trying to get in can pull the flap toward the outside and crawl through. And any clever raccoon will soon work out how to do the same thing. Make it double sure the door locks in both directions when the auto mode is active, not simply on manual mode.
  3. Ascertain which door seems attractive to you with respect to the way the electronics are handled. There are actually two groups in which the electronics are categorized. In the first group, the magnet is attached to the pet’s collar or a chip implanted under the pet’s skin. Many automatic pet doors within this group work in the same fashion, i.e. the magnet or chip unlocks a flap that the pet can then push open and walkthrough. The second group works out of an electronic collar the pet is wearing that activates a motor-driven panel that raises up, into the top of the door panel, lowering and locking it, once the pet is through the door.

Sum Up

No matter what electronic pet doors you decide to buy, if you’ve paid attention to these basic issues, you will end up making a purchase that you won’t repent in the long run.

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