Apple publishers are posting lists of the best apps and games on the App Store and sharing stories about their developers. These unique stories attract thousands of users every day, bringing developers a multitude of impressions and new users. Highlighting an application on the “Today” tab of the App Store has several undeniable advantages, but can also have unpleasant surprises (avoidable!). This is what we will see in this article.

Benefits: Increased visibility of apps and downloads on the App Store

App developer’s dream of being featured because it is the fastest way to increase downloads and achieve higher rankings. In addition, there are additional benefits to be presented. Sometimes the developers don’t know until they get it. Here’s what happened to a customer supported by AppFollow – the SignEasy app.SignEasy is the fastest way to sign and send documents from smartphones. The app has attracted Apple’s attention several times before: in its 2015 and 2016 announcements. But the real breakthrough came with the new Today tab. The first success came on May 21, 2018, when SignEasy was introduced as the app of the day for the first time in two countries: the UK and Ireland. The greatest impact was observed on the same day and then gradually diminished over the week. But that was not the end. Shortly after the first success, the app was presented again on June 18, all over the world. That day, 145 countries saw SignEasy in Apple’s Today tab. The app has appeared more than six times in various Apple collections, but it is the worldwide recognition that has given the most remarkable results. Being in the spotlight gives an instant boost to installations, although the ranking changes won’t be visible until later. On the first day, downloads increased 27-fold. Although the number of downloads declined during the week, the team still received a massive influx of new users. The increase in the number of downloads has propelled the application directly into the top 10 applications in the Business category. In some countries, it was even ranked as the # 1 app in the category, boosting downloads even further. The top 10 in its category also saw the app make it to the Top 100 list in almost every country – that’s how Apple’s magic works. Overall being billed as the App of the Day has been phenomenal, bringing in almost 100,000 additional users per week. Months later, they continued to see improvement in their stats.

Cons: decrease in-app rating (spoiler: this can be avoided)

Everything has its dark side, and being featured is no exception. This can have a negative impact on the average rating of the app. For example, if the game app or server is not ready for heavy loads and the app or game crashes, users will leave negative feedback and a high number of downloads will convert to a large number. of 1 star reviews. The result, in this case, can be really sad: a low average rating and a reduced number of organic users… Subsequently, the application quickly lost its position and returned to the 1000th rank. This was due to server connection issues and the lack of core App Store optimization. The app failed to maintain its high positions in the charts. After the app was featured a second time, its position in the chart fell below 200 with just 2 stars. A low rating (3 stars or less) causes apps to lose 70% of potential downloads. To smooth a 1-star review you need at least ten 5 star reviews, which is not easy. Even though Apple has the option to reset ratings (but not reviews) when a new version of an app is released, App Store algorithms will lower that app’s rating when it is displayed in the results of the app. relevant research because of the low score. If you want to increase your organic downloads by featuring them, we recommend that you start with some basic text and graphics optimization before filling out the request form.

Complete an Apple Feature Request Form

Getting featured often seems impossible, but the truth is, almost anyone can do it. All you need to do is fill out Apple’s application form and get a little luck. You can provide information about the application and also announce a new version.

App Store has three tabs for Featured Apps:

Today – the main, most important, and popular page

Apps – a collection of the best apps

Games – a collection of selected games

It is up to the Apple review team to choose the tab for your app. You just need to fill out the application form. When filling out the form, pay attention to the Your Story section. You don’t need to talk about the functionality of your app here. Explain How to Create an App it can improve people’s daily lives and routines – for example, how people will be happier and more relaxed if they use your meditation app, or how you have come up with new game mechanics that are totally used in your game. These are the kinds of things you should be talking about. If you are lucky enough, within two weeks you will receive an email from Apple with the following subject: “App Store: Request Promotional Artwork For …” This email will contain the requirements for graphic materials. You will usually have a week to download them from the Promotional Art section of App Store Connect. Pay attention to Apple’s guidelines – if you make mistakes your app won’t be featured. If you have decided to complete the application form, check that everything is working as it should.

Getting Ready for the Featured App Store Tab

Apple will take two weeks to review your request. In the meantime, you can use this time to get your app ready for presentation. For example, renew the marketing materials (icon, screenshot, texts, and preview videos) and run load tests so that a sudden increase in the number of users will not affect the performance of the application. If you want to increase the chances of your app being featured, make sure it gives value to its users. Another copy of Flappy Bird with pixel graphics, even though it’s available on Apple Watch and Homepod, is unlikely to convince Apple of its originality. App settings, such as performance rate, the version available for tablets, and no abnormal app termination will also influence editors’ decisions.

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