The main trends of the fall-winter 2021 season

In the new autumn-winter season, the designer decided to bet on rethinking and re-reading the already classic trends – free silhouettes, the use of soft and flowing fabrics, laconic prints and bold combinations of styles of different aesthetics. Clothing should not only be fashionable, it should be comfortable, comfortable and fit perfectly into the lifestyle of its owner, helping to keep up with everything and at the same time remain stylish and irresistible. However, no one refuses to bold experiments: from layering to unexpected color schemes.

Power Dressing Trend

Literally translated, Power Dressing is power-style clothing. In other words, this is the style of a brave and strong-willed woman who is not afraid of unexpected combinations and has a positive attitude towards masculine accents in her own wardrobe: after all, they do not make her less feminine, but only add a touch of strength to the image.

For those who decide to use this trend, it is recommended to turn to classic suits, but add some sharpness to the image: instead of a classic blouse maria b sarees, use a T-shirt with a print, and change the usual heels to sneakers.

In addition to suits, this style solution will also look great with a classic pencil skirt, which in the new season is better to choose from leather, and supplemented not with an elegant blouse, but with a sweatshirt or hoodie. After all, modern fashion critics unanimously say: fashion is increasingly abandoning stereotypes and increasingly advocates mixing elements of men’s and women’s wardrobes. That is why in the new season it is better to get a shirt in a masculine style: it will look equally organic with skirts and trousers and will become a real decoration of the wardrobe.

A new interpretation of elegance

Unexpected combinations of styles do not negate the reverent attitude to the usual elegant silhouettes that perfectly emphasize the figure and give the image a completely unique flair of sophistication. All sorts of variations of classic prints “goose foot”, “glencheck” and a thin strip will become especially relevant in the coming season. At the same time, what has long been considered bad manners is allowed – a combination of various patterns to make the image even more vivid.

True luxury

Velvet recognized as the main material of the season, but you should extremely careful with it. It is very complex and requires special care when choosing an image. First of all, this fabric has a well-deserved reputation as an ideal choice for evening dresses, so if you choose velvet for daytime looks, then you should definitely abandon the complex cut and dilute the whole outfit with some light accents: accessories in an eclectic style, an avant-garde bag or unusual shoes. Moreover, velvet can chosen not only in the usual dark shades. But also in brighter ones: from emerald to pale blue, especially since these shades are considered the most relevant in the current season.

Experimenting with color

Despite the fact that the fall-winter season traditionally considered the ideal time for muted shades, this time fashion houses offer to add colors to the wardrobe and try to make bright accents solo in the image. For example, choose a bright classic double-breasted jacket or a tailored coat and balance them with the rest of the details in more restrained colors – laconic shoes, a bag and a dress with a simple cut. Do not be afraid and mix colors, play with unexpected combinations and try to experiment with the palette. For example, try to mix traditional burgundy not with black, but with dark blue, and add terracotta instead of white to green. The resulting combinations may sound strange, but they look really stunning.

Color palette

Every season, fashion brands choose color combinations that set the mood for the entire season. It is not necessary to purchase things at once in all the indicated shades, but adding at least one to your wardrobe is an excellent choice. First of all, you should pay attention to rich purple – the main color of 2018. It is present in many variations – both as an independent color and as part of prints. Its important feature is that it suits almost any skin color type, beautifies any image and refreshes the complexion.

You should definitely pay attention to the shade of deep sapphire – it surprisingly fits into the autumn-winter wardrobe, adding freshness to it, while remaining surprisingly appropriate in a variety of looks.

Another color star of the season is traditional gray. A versatile color that can both make an image surprisingly strong, and add a touch of playfulness and boldness to it. The secret lies in the chosen shade and accessories. By the way, a voluminous elongated gray jacket is a versatile thing that will last more than one season and which can be ideally combined with both a classic pencil skirt and a flying slip dress. And every time to get a new image.


The main inspiration of the season is geometric shapes. They came to women’s fashion from men’s fashion, where they are very popular. A cage, a thin stripe, a houndstooth – any geometric print is relevant, which will add masculinity to the image, but at the same time will not make it rough.

Another trend is floral motifs. However, flowers expressed rather in the style of impressionism, without clear lines and shapes, so as not to distract attention.

Things that deserve special attention

In the new fall-winter wardrobe, there should definitely be several things that will become its basis and help to create a truly fashionable, but not flashy image.

First of all, we are talking about the dress. This season it is better to choose the length to the middle of the calf, the cut is as loose as possible, so that you get the impression that the product itself is a little too large. The flying silhouette resembles the boho style so popular in summer, but in an autumn-winter interpretation. Such a dress looks perfect both alone and in addition to voluminous knitwear – another must-buy. Knitwear must be in muted shades to match perfectly with all other wardrobe items.

Moreover, in addition to classic dresses, he looks great with a pencil skirt and classic trousers . For the most daring – the option with leather shiza hassan saree. Another important element is a strict coat., it should kept in the most laconic cut in order to perfectly emphasize the relaxed mood of the rest of the wardrobe. And finally, another important element is a blouse or shirt . Ideally, give up the usual classic look, and try to play with eclectic styles: wear a white blouse under a sleeveless dress, or a strict men’s shirt under a leather skirt, especially if the dress code rules do not interfere.

In other words, in the upcoming season, one should not be afraid of experimenting with styles and shades, not be afraid to mix them, but not forget about the main thing: the philosophy of the season is based on the concept of harmony and an organic combination of all elements of the wardrobe. And this means only one thing: the image should be bold, but infinitely elegant.


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