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Upon downloading the free Facebook Touch com version I was curious to see if it lived up to its name. After all, the name is pretty self-explanatory. It basically is like any other mobile web browser, except it runs on your phone. Upon opening the Facebook version, I was immediately impressed by how Facebook designed the interface. Rather than having many separate areas and menus, the interface only has a few menu options and buttons arranged in a vertical column. Everything appears much faster than using the current mobile browsers.

While it doesn’t have everything that the iPhone and Android devices have, it does have everything a common smartphone user will use. For instance, you can use the Facebook Lightweight app to browse the web, check your email, and search for recipes. You can also use it to send messages, post photos, and add new contacts.

Facebook Touch com Home screen is a little bit cluttered. There are no icons designated for the chat application, which would have been useful for those who want to switch between chat and Facebook when necessary. I also found that there were no dedicated icons for the News Feed, News Cards, or Activity Stream. This could be a problem as those features can really get annoying when they aren’t automatically visible.

Other than that, Facebook Touch com has all the functionality of an iPhone or Android device. That is to say, if you are an iPhone user you will know how to use Facebook applications on your phone. If you are an Android user you will know how to use Facebook applications on your tablet.

While the Facebook Touch com app doesn’t have a camera, it does allow you to upload images and videos from your computer. I am not sure how useful this feature is. It seems like more functionality is geared towards Windows Mobile users, but maybe that’s just my opinion.

One feature that I love on the web version is the ability to set up email accounts. You can create a separate email account for Facebook, one for personal use, a Gmail account, and another for the business. You can attach files from your web browser to the emails, and you can send emails from anywhere using the web browser.

The digital media site also offers group discussion rooms. You can create a “group” that allows people to chat in real time. It’s like chatting using an instant messaging platform, but one that streamlines communication. It is similar to what Twitter offers, but it is a lot more refined. You can customize your settings so that conversations stay appropriately chilled.

The web version of Facebook Touch com works great with Firefox browsers. However, the mobile version doesn’t work very well with any other browser. You may find that other browsers don’t support the Facebook plugins, which will force you to use the Facebook web site if you want to use the emails, chat, and other capabilities of the application. This makes it difficult to use while traveling, since using other browsers will require you to download the mobile Facebook apps, which may not be available when you arrive at your destination. Even if it is available, the mobile version simply doesn’t have quite the same features as the web version does.

Facebook Touch Com offers a basic set of customizable features for your Facebook use. It lets you add an icon to each contact that will allow them to see your latest activity on the web. You can also use this feature to let everyone in your network to see who your new contacts are. In addition, you can make a custom profile for each individual contact, which allows you to keep separate pages for business purposes and personal ones.

While there are many advantages to the Facebook Touch com app, there are some negative points as well. First, not all of the applications are supported, including those that you really want. Another problem is that the interface can be a bit confusing at times. In addition, many of the Facebook features offered are simply there to make life easier for you, rather than offering any real value. These are issues that you’ll likely see as you explore the various applications, but they do exist, even if they may take some getting used to.

Overall, the Facebook Touch com app can be a useful tool for many different people and uses. The basic functionality allows you to update your status, send a message, and add contacts and share images. The more advanced features will likely be available in future updates, but for now, it’s a solid option for many people who use Facebook. The free version does have many of the same features as the commercial version, so you should be able to use the application for many things.

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