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If the patients are having chronic pain in the extremely sensitive body parts and other treatment options can be dangerous then Expert Physio recommends IMS/ Acupuncture. This technique relaxes the muscles in the spinal cord that relieves the pain.

Significant IMS/ Acupuncture Questions By Expert Physio

Questions are asked to not only increase the knowledge of the patient but also develop trust between the patient and the therapist. This results in reducing the stress and calms the patient.

For How Long Acupuncture Has Been Using?

This form of therapy is the oldest ever known. It was first developed in China around 3000 years ago. The life force in the body is channelized with the help of needles so that the body relaxes and pain reduces.

What Was The Year Of Intramuscular Stimulation Development?

This is an advanced version of Acupuncture that is used for a patient whose body doesn’t respond well to the normal procedure. Intramuscular Stimulation was developed by Doctor Dr. Chan Gunn who was a Canadian doctor during the 1970s.

Should IMS/ Acupuncture Be Considered The Same?

At the time of your visit to clinics for physiotherapy West Edmonton; the therapists will explain that both these treatments use the same equipment which is the dry needle. But in IMS the needles are manipulated for better treatment.

What Kinds Of Medical Conditions This Therapy treat?

The nerves, muscles, and soft tissues are affected by various reasons; so IMS/ Acupuncture focuses on these points and treats these medical conditions; chronic muscular pain, posture disorder, neck pain, migraines and headaches, nerve segmental problems, tennis elbow, and sports injuries.

Do All Physiotherapy Clinics Offer This Treatment?

You will get the answer to this question at the various clinics like Regenerate Physio you will visit for initial info. As not all clinics are providing this therapy. So be very sure that the clinic you have selected has the treatment.

Is Apparatus Other Than Dry Needle Used For Treatment?

If your therapist has chosen the simple dry needling then no other apparatus is used. Also for Intramuscular Stimulation, only a simple acupuncture needle is used. Bur for Electro-IMS minor electric currents are passed through the needles.

How Do Therapists Treat With This Therapy?

It is a simple process in which the therapist sterilizes the affected area and inserts the needles very carefully. If necessary the needles are manipulated for increased effectiveness.

Is This Therapy Safer Than Other Treatments?

Many people don’t handle the effects of other therapies that involve sound or light waves. So for them, dry needling is the best option; as it is safest.

Can Other Treatment Option Be Used With It?

For the patients who have chronic and extremely stubborn pains; the therapists recommend combining other treatment options for increased effectiveness.

Does The Patient Feel Any Discomfort?

If the patient is feeling any kind of discomfort then it means that the area is affected. The therapist will stop the therapy when the patient has no twitching or spasms when the treatment is given.

Are Any Side Effects Associated With This Therapy?

Soreness in the area of the treatment is a common side effect, but this is normal. It usually goes away after some time.

Is Something Injected With The Needle?

Another name for IMS/ acupuncture is dry needling so Expert Physio nothing can be inserted via these needles.

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