Antipasto Platter

Italian cuisine is the world’s most renowned meal that has been announced by food critics as well as people who have tasted it. Many reasons are behind its popularity namely the use of fresh and organic ingredients and using healthy cooking techniques.

The Right Structure Of Meal In Italy

The meal structure in Italy is very unique because they start by serving small portions of food like Italian Mozzarella Cheese to make the stomach prepared for the heavier courses served later. The proper meal structure that Italians love to serve is;

  1. Aperitivo
  2. Antipasto
  3. Primo
  4. Secondo
  5. Contorno
  6. Insalata
  7. Formaggi E Frutta
  8. Dolce
  9. Café
  10. Digestivo

Knowing Everything About Antipasto Italian Tradition

All other courses in the above-mentioned meal structure can be seen in other meal structures all around the world, but the Antipasto is the most popular. Sometimes it is served as a proper meal because of the variety of ingredients on it. But the following things are important to note if you want to serve the traditional Italian Antipasto.

Why It Is Called Antipasto?

The literal meaning of antipasto is before the meal because it is served just before the main course. This is a course that has no pasta or any other heavy meals that are in the Primo or Secondo.

When This Tradition First Started?

The first-ever reference of antipasto that was recorded was during the Medieval Ages in Italian history. But historians are of the view that it was present long before that. All the ingredients most importantly fresh Italian Mozzarella Cheese in this course are presented at room temperature.

Italian Mozzarella Cheese Is Main Ingredient

If you are talking about antipasto and not mentioning Italian cheeses then it is a mistake. Although a different variety of cheeses that you can order from stores like Sogno Toscano are on the course Mozzarella Cheese is the heart and soul of this.

What Other Ingredients To Place?

You have a wide variety of choices to select from when arranging the antipasto platter. You can mix up a few ingredients to provide variety to the guests or serve the meat, vegetables, and cheeses individually.

A Mixture Of Different Flavors

An Italian antipasto platter or course is full of flavor and taste in which a balance amongst sweet, sour, bitter, and salty is created. The sweetness can come from the nuts, salty taste with meats, and a mixture of sweet and sour from cheeses.

Flavors In The Central Region

Many times the variety of flavors come from the ingredients used from the various regions of Italy. As the taste is the central region is different from the other two. In the central region, people love to eat their meals with sauces. So they use these sauces for dips to go with the antipasto.

Antipasto Of Southern Italy

Seafood is the specialty of the south and you will see this touch in their cuisine. But cheeses and other local products are seen in the platters.

Antipasto In Northern Italy

If you want the best Italian Mozzarella Cheese and other ingredients for your antipasto then the north of Italy is rich in it as the taste and flavor are creamy and fresh.

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