In the ever-growing industry vaping, nic salts, or nicotine salts have become a new hype. That’s because the creators of nic salts are promising to deliver a far better and stronger experience to satiate your nicotine cravings. Also read>

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Since the nicotine salts give an incredibly instant rush of nicotine, it is hardly surprising that vapers around the world have gone crazy over this product. Nicotine salts are so potent that after they were introduced in the mainstream market of Pakistan, people started to Vape in Faisalabad!


Are Nicotine Salts For Me?

The nicotine salts are only for the people who don’t find the current products in the vaping industry to satisfy their craving. Down below we will try to explain everything you need to know about the nicotine salts in vaping, so it will help you to decide whether you should start taking the salts or not.


Nicotine Salts VS E-Juice

Since you might be expecting to know why and how nicotine salts are better than regular e-juice. But nicotine salts have not replaced the e-juice, because they are better. They have been a success because they are more helpful for the people who are trying to quit smoking.

The e-juice in most of the vaping devices in the market is basically free-base nicotine. Nicotine salts in comparison to free-base nicotine have tendencies such of:

  1. Getting absorbed more readily than regular E-juices.
  2. Hitting the throat lightly in relative to regular E-juices 

This means that if you are using nicotine salts instead of ordinary E-juices, you will be getting more nicotine without hurting your throat.  Consequently, you will be receiving enough nicotine that you would quit wanting a cigarette.


Devices For Nicotine Salts

Devices for nicotine salts are not similar to conventional vaping devices. High powered or sub-ohm devices are strongly not recommended for nic salts, due to the very high percentage of nicotine in them. Regular E-juices contain about 3 to 6 mg of nicotine, whereas nicotine salts have the strength of 50 mg. Therefore, only low wattages devices are used for nic salts. As a matter of fact, it is very dangerous to use high-powered devices or devices with sub-ohm technology for the salts, due to the over excessiveness of nicotine in them.  

Following are the two low wattage devices in the market for nicotine salts consumption:

  • Closed System

These allow you to refill nicotine salt by buying pods and cartridges. These usually come within packs of 4 with various levels of nicotine in them.

  • Open System

They are designed to offer manual refilling through buying nic salts of various bottle sizes and strengths.


Should You Get Nicotine Salts?

The answer to this question is very subjective as different people have different degrees of cravings and addictions. If you are someone for whom regular E-juice is doing fine then, there is no reason for you to for E-salts. But if you happen to be somebody who wants to quit smoking and normal vaping doesn’t seem helpful enough, then nic salts are for you. 

In case you are someone who has never vaped, then here are some reasons that might be stopping you:

  1. You find the devices too high tech, that’s why despite wanting to try you are confused about where and how to begin.
  2. You refuse to believe that vaping is the replacement for cigarettes.

If you find the above-mentioned reasons relatable, then you should give nicotine salts a chance. Because not only nicotine salts will help you satiate your cravings, they will also feel comfortable on the throat. 

According to the research conducted by PAX labs, nicotine salts deliver nicotine into the bloodstream in a more efficient manner.  Therefore, it can easily be said that the kick one gets from using salts is similar to that of cigarettes. Because of this, by taking nicotine salts you will find it easier to curb your craving for nicotine.

Nicotine salts devices are also extremely easy to use. Most of the devices that offer experience from nic salts are autofire, which means one can only receive vapor once they inhale. The devices are also very sleek and slender in shape, making them easier to fit in the pocket. Furthermore, devices with a closed system free you from going through the struggle of refilling.

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