Caring for cancer patients is challenging. But it is more difficult to operate an oncology practice without a sophisticated EMR software in place. If you are an oncologist looking to streamline workflows in 2021, then our top pick is iKnowMed EMR. Read this thorough review to determine if this medical system is destined for your practice or not. 

How iKnowMed EMR Came Into Existence? 

Mckesson, a Fortune 500 company, offers iKnowMed EMR to oncology practices of all sizes. Developed in 1996 and acquired by the parent company in 2004, iKnowMed EMR was designed to improve patient experience and provide greater quality care to cancer patients. This oncology EMR system was developed in collaboration with oncologists so that you don’t have to settle with generic solutions. 

Top Features of iKnowMed EMR 

  1. Complete Freedom with Cloud-based Platform 

With cloud-based operations, oncologists are provided the complete freedom to operate the software whenever and wherever they require. The EMR system can be used at any location and time, provided users have an internet connection. Similarly, the software can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet. Hence, saving you from spending hefty amounts of money on hardware. 

Mobile-optimized access is given to users so that they can provide care on the go efficiently. Not only can they view patient charts, but they can also prescribe medicines, message team members and patients, view appointments, and much more. 

     2. Stronger Connections with Interoperability Tool 

iKnowMed EMR enables its clients to create patients’ medical records in a centralized database. These records are updated in real-time and are integrated with lab test results as well as X-rays, MRIs and, other pictures. This complete database can be shared with other care providers across the oncology spectrum. Similarly, information can be received from other oncologists, research centers and, other entities.

This two-way exchange of meaningful data will enable users to make informed decisions and take timely action steps to resolve foreseeable issues. Support is extended in the Oncology Care Model (OCM), the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, and other programs. 

     3. Enhanced Patient Convenience with Patient Portal 

My Care Plus is an oncology-specific patient portal that augments patient engagement and convenience. Patients can view their complete medical records, diagnosis, and care plans. The same information can be viewed by a patient’s loved ones to see their progress. Additionally, patients can read discharge summaries, review lab test results and, view their medications. 

Both patients and their loved ones can access the portal online by inputting their username and password once an account is created. Educational content customized to one’s illness can be provided to patients so that they better understand their condition and treatment. The portal also features video modules so that patients drive the most benefit from it. 

     4. Stronger Decisions with Clinical Regimen Support 

Clear Value Plus is iKnowMed EMR’s tool for providing evidence-based care. Patient attributes integrated from the EMR are considered, and then a series of evidence-based treatment plans are provided against them. These plans are compliant with NCCN guidelines. 

Users can view the cost of the different plans to see whether patients can afford them. The risk of these treatments is also visible so that oncologists select a program that will extend the highest benefit while minimizing the risks. Advanced reporting tools can show on graphical representations the treatments commonly used along with their impact. 

Cost of iKnowMed EMR

For a price quote, the vendor can be contacted for a discussion. Since iKnowMed EMR is a second-generation SaaS product, a system demonstration can be requested through its website. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of iKnowMed EMR 


  • The EMR software is completely implemented in less than two weeks, so users do not have to wait for a prolonged time period. 
  • User-friendly features are offered that are easy to operate and can be customized as per a practice’s requirements. 
  • Specialty-specific content saves time when documenting information. 


  • The EMR system frequently crashes, so it is essential to save your work often. 
  • Customer support is not the best in the industry and can be significantly improved. 
  • Frequencies are duplicated, which can make it challenging to operate the system.

Should I Invest in iKnowMed EMR? 

It is vital for doctors, especially oncologists, to invest in a sturdy medical software. iKnowMed is a promising oncology EMR system that features several advanced tools. The specialty-specific content and user-friendly interface ensure that its clients are left happy and satisfied. However, the system crashes frequently, and customer support is lacking. 

We recommend trying out the demonstration before making the final decision. This will reinforce whether the tools offered are consistent with your requirements.

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