The VGOD stig lush ice disposable devices can be disposed of and are packed with about 1.2ml of Nicotine salts. The VCOG lush ice disposable device is rated between 270-300 puffs based on the preference of the user and can be disposed of after use. The devices are activated with auto-draw which means you have to pull the device simply to get it activated, as there isn’t any button.

This specific device is packed with VGOD Lush ice flavour which is a combination of yummy watermelon and soothing menthol.

The VGOD stig device is available in a strength of 60mg. The stings are some of the best disposable devices that are present in the current market.

What Are the Product Features of VGOD Lush Ice Device? 

  • All-in-one device
  • Self-draw activated system
  • Contains E-Liquid Capacity of 1.2ml
  • Includes Nicotine Salt E-Liquid of 60mg
  • It isn’t refillable
  • It can give out 270-300 puff/life cycle
  • The device can be fully disposed

The Best VGOD Lush Ice Disposable Vapes to Buy

Disposable vapes have risen in popularity as the vaper-enthusiasts search for convenient and easiest vaping ways. The disposable vapes make for an amazing Juul alternative as they can be accessed in flavours that adults like. In the online stores, you will come across an impressive selection of disposables that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Disposable Vapes That Are Simply the Best

There exist two disposable styles that comprise the majority of the market. The stick disposables cover the majority of the market. The stick disposables include a form factor that resembles a Juul. The disposables are also self-draw, and comes with a juice polypill along with a wick right above the battery and measure an average of 4 inches.

The mini vapes like the Stig, Twist, Mojo, and Mile Mini are below 3inches. They get the battery placed parallel to the reservoir of e-juice.

The Stig: The Dominant Player in the World of Lush Ice

The Stig is a major player in the world of Lush Ice and is a mini vape. However, there is a bountiful of competition that exists with this device style within the range of Lush ice flavour. Both the mini and stick disposable vapes are perfect for vaping nicotine salts as they include a tight draw and offer crystal clear flavour, the mini disposables comprise a slightly looser draw, however, the stick disposables.

What is Lush Ice?

The Stig is packed with delectable Vgod Lush Ice Salt which was the leader of the disposable Lush Ice category. While menthol and watermelon have been a popular blend for several years, the addition of raspberry added tartness. It looks like every nic salt disposable that humans know of, has its perspective to Lush Ice but there are some of the constants. A Lush ice vape will have a soothing menthol layered over a sweet base of watermelon. Extra melon flavours along with raspberry are two frequent additions.

The Most-Preferred Lush Ice Disposable

Stig Lush Ice

Watermelon and menthol were an age-tested flavour combination. VGOD elevated the ante by adding tart raspberry notes to prepare Lush Ice Stig. Unlike the original variants of freebase, the nic salt Lush Ice formulas weren’t made for cloud chucking. The Stig is a compact device, which is below 3inches, however, is filled with 1.2ml of vape juice. The strength of nic is 6%. Their Lush Ice contains a powerful iced-menthol taste with evident watermelon notes on inhaling and exhaling,

Puff Bar Lush ice

The Puff Lush ice brings down the bold menthol’s frigid grip with the bright watermelon notes. It is a fresh flavour that would love to be loved by the menthol vapours. The watermelon works amazingly in this formula, retaining the strong menthol flavour. Each puff bar includes a salt e-juice of 1.3 and has 5% strength.

The VGOD Lush Ice disposable device is outstanding enough that every Lush Ice love can give it a try, it might not contain the coolness of the menthol but the refreshing watermelon flavour is enough to win your heart. The strawberry’s tartness followed by the original flavours is enough to keep the formula in balance.

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