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Jewelry as a dominant asset

They say that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. The age-old notion implies that women can’t do without jewelry and consider it as a crucial asset in their life. Men too believe in owning an illustrious range of such items to showcase their wealth and as a store of value. Human nature holds valuable glittering objects in high regard. We have inherited this trait from our ancestors who led expeditions for the search of treasures hidden in secret places. History is also filled with instances of legendary jewelry thefts and occurrences of wars on obtaining precious gems. From kings and famous leaders to petty thieves, all have been captivated by glimmering ornaments that represent our thirst for shining items to beautify ourselves and enhance our wealth.

The love for these items can be traced back to prehistoric times when shells, stones, and even bones were worn as jewelry. At that time, it was used to protect from dangers and to mark social statuses. Gradually with the discovery of metal, humans learned metalworking and slowly achieved sophistication & expertise in creating jewelry by incorporating more detailed decorative work. Various civilizations like the Egyptians and Romans, buried gold ornaments within the tombs of the dead to accompany their owner in the afterlife. Most of the archaeological jewelry was discovered in these tombs and hoards. During medieval Europe, jewelry was a prominent factor in setting social ranks. The royals and nobles wore gold, silver, and precious gems while the lower class wore copper. Some jewels were found to be encrypted with magical inscriptions to protect the wearer from the evil eye. The Renaissance age saw advances in cutting techniques that enhanced the glitter of stones. This set a benchmark in creating jewelry pieces that the future civilizations followed with persistence.  The 17th and 18th centuries experienced improvements in cuts and the emergence of diamonds as jewelry dominators.

The 19th century saw a massive industrial evolution. As a result, jewelry became more affordable. Ornaments started to be crafted with machines that saved both time and human effort. Jewelry fashion took international inspiration and these items started being used as gift items and for everyday wear. Jewelry expanded to include various other items including watches and artificial ornaments. New technologies and non-precious metals such as plastics, paper, and textiles have given a new dimension to this industry.

Jewelry business today

Modern jewelry items focus on wearing these items as body art. Numerous traders have entered the market space and commercialization has made it possible for everyone to possess such items in their wardrobes. The industry is expected to reach $303 Billion by the end of 2020, growing an impressive 5-6% annually. However, this industry is as dynamic as it is fast-growing. This compels manufacturers to keep a sharp eye on the changing landscape of the industry. Sellers must be alert and responsive to the evolving trends and developments to compete with stiff rivalry. The internationalization of brands has increased the level of competition and has made it vital to adopt effective techniques that aid in keeping a firm standing in the market. Jewelry packaging is an important marketing tool that must be explored to educate customers about the brand and establish it as a reliable name in the industry.

In this age when everything has a visual value, sellers must make a memorable interaction with their target customers to retain the brand in their minds for longer. The packaging boxes must be crafted innovatively to make customers take notice of them immediately. People buying jewelry want to extend the high-value feel to the boxes too. They want these expensive ornaments to be packed in complementing boxes that go well with the essence of the products inside. There are several ways to make the packaging alluring and charming such as:

First: Select the most suitable box type for your product. The jewelry industry houses numerous product types that require boxes made specifically to meet their character. Some boxes offered include:

  1. Rigid Boxes
  2. Two-Piece Boxes
  3. Book Style Boxes
  4. Collapsible or Foldable Boxes
  5. Magnetic Lock Boxes
  6. Match or Slide Style Boxes

Second: Glamorize the packaging to meet the expectation of your target customers. The type of jewelry on offer defines the varying specifications needed to be added to the boxes to make them relatable. These comprise embossed lettering, foil stamping, debossing, metallic inks, hang tab, window cutouts, scoring & gluing, and custom perforation.

Third: Laminate and coat your boxes with various matte and gloss options along with satin, varnish, gloss AQ, flood UV, and spot UV for extra sparkle and to last a long time.

Fourth: Finalize the ideal jewelry packaging that resonates with your requirements to the T. Some choices available comprise of:

  1. Flat jewelry cards with cutouts
  2. Tent earring display cards
  3. Freestanding necklace display cards
  4. Hanging jewelry cards and
  5. Other Custom shaped jewelry cards

Shine like diamonds

A team of specialists assists you in creating the most appropriate boxes for your jewelry to outshine your rivals. Make the most of the packaging resource at hand to present your brand in the sparkling limelight. Customers require more than one reason to pledge loyalty to a brand and you can aptly add to that in the form of desirable packaging. In addition to employing the most modern printing press, each piece is printed and examined individually to give you exceptional packaging boxes error-free. We offer free shipping & handling, free reviews of artwork, and free sample kits to facilitate you in keeping the total costs at the minimum.

So, dial us to get instant support in ordering, designing, and printing top-grade packaging boxes that elevate your overall brand image. Our account managers craft the perfect cost-effective deal for you that gives you a competitive edge over rivals and make customer notice your brand at the first glance!

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