No matter whether you need any outdoor promotion or hosting an event, banner printing is the best choice. Banners are used for several purposes and one of such significant purposes is market promotions. Being big in size and able to be spotted easily, these printed products are an important part of the marketing strategy of every company.

It is worth noting that banner printing comes with numerous considerations. As banner marketing logistics spread beyond postcards and brochures, you need to plan properly to ensure the marketing efforts transfer seamlessly from the screen to the banner. Here are few helpful tips that you consider to ensure an amazing banner printing experience

Margin Line for Grommets and Hemming

Before you layout the design, you need to understand where margin lines in the banner. In order to provide a clean as well as professional finish, the reputed printing companies hems all the banners. Some of the printing companies also include the grommets on the banner in all for the corners and every 2 to 3 feet depending on the size of the banner. Ensure you do not put the graphics or any information in the margin area as it would be punched or taken off by the hole.

Choosing the Right Colors

No matter whether you are using the colors of your company’s logo or others, it is advised to use bold colors. Using bold colors like royal purple, black, dark blue, etc. would help in emphasizing the text. Along with this, contrasting the wording on the background is also crucial and needs to be used at darks and lights. Avoid using the white color on the black background as it would be harder to read.

Bleeds and Safety Area

Another significant tip is to consider the bleeds as well as the safety area. Ensure you follow the guideline of the printing company for bleeds and safety areas. Doing so would ensure that the banner comes off the printing press looking as amazing as it looks on a computer screen.

Checking Proof

Just like other print advertising materials, you would not get the hardcopy proof for the banner. Rather you would get the electronic proof i.e. the image on a computer screen. Before mentioning the volume to the printing company ensure you check the proof thoroughly for the mistakes in color, text, or imagery.

Along with these, ensure you pay attention to the kinds of material choices. In case you do not like the material options with the printing company, consider choosing the company providing custo fabric banner printing.

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